Rainy Days and Mondays


April 14, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

There is pretty much nothing worse than a rainy day around here. Bugaboo NEEDS to be outside. I’d send him out there, if it wasn’t for the fact that my child, the one that LOVES SWIMMING AND BATHING, freaks out in the rain.  Yes, he does.  Hates it.  Complains. Whines, cries.  Does his flounder impersonation (flops on the ground and won’t get up).  And if it is windy? HOLY HECK he’s miserable. Wind is the only other thing Bugaboo is actually afraid of.  Besides sleeping in his own bed. Have I mentioned I am tired of it?  Him sleeping in MY BED?  Just a little.  I mean, it has been EIGHT MONTHS.  And the husband was the one who said, “Leave him in there!  At least he is sleeping!  In a few days we’ll get him to sleep in his room again.
Did I mention it has been eight months?  Just checking.

Anyways, I am getting my hair cut for the first time in four months.  I am not sure if I am just getting it shaped up or chopped off. I LOVED my hair cut at Christmas. But I am liking having slightly longer hair (it is to my shoulders now and looks decent if I style it).  But I also LOVE my hair in a short, shaggy, layered bob.  We shall see.  I may come back with a Mohawk. Or go all Britney and shave it off.  Or die it purple. I’ve always wanted purple hair.

The nice thing is that Bugaboo was sick yesterday. Which means he pretty much sat in one spot all day. I had extra kids yesterday and when they took their nap Bugaboo passed out on the couch. It was awesome! I slept for about an hour!  Now, I realize how awful it sounds that I am happy my child was sick. But when he is sick he sits. And doesn’t move. Which means I get to keep up with housework, cuddle with him on the couch and sometimes snooze. It’s heaven.  Sick Bugaboo = very happy Momma.  I know, I’m horrid.  Get used to it, yo.
Bug Boy went back to school yesterday and was in a good mood!  And did his homework!  And was happy!  And listened!  And cooperated!  And earned tickets(long story)!  I am pretty sure that when he went to school, aliens abducted him and replaced him with someone else ’cause that ain’t my kid.  It was nice and all but where was grumpy Bug Boy who complains when his arm hair blows in the wind?
My husband is a nice guy.  He loves to cut grass (Forrest Gump) and will spend hours doing it.  With Bugaboo on his lap. I kid you not, they go out there and do their bonding thing and cut grass and they are all happy and stuff.  And I get a break.  So yesterday, Husband wanted to cut the grass after dinner and I thought it was cute and all and tried to take video of Bugaboo sitting on his Daddy’s lap.  And Daddy was not cooperative because he hates his picture taken. So He totally thought I was just taking his picture and to be the evil wench I am, I took video instead (same camera).  And since he doesn’t read my blog (read: refuses to know what I am writing even thought I have SENT HIM THE LINK but I have never seen his IP or location show up on my reader) I decided I’d post the video to get back at him. ‘Cause I’m nice like that.  Pay special attention, he’s teaching Bugaboo some new sign language in this one:
Also?  Bugaboo learned a new word this weekend. Did I mention? I dropped a chicken on the ground and Shadow tore into it and I screamed, “SHIAT!” except I said the real word. And Bugaboo repeated it. Over and over. And over.  And over again. For twenty minutes.  I always said that I don’t care if he curses, I’ll take any anything.  Be careful what you wish for because it might come true.

One thought on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. pkzcass says:

    Great video, and great yard! I’m so jealous.

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