First Signs of Spring


March 23, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

Spring is in the air!  There is nothing like waking to crisp, cool air and sounds of birds chirping (and blinding light streaming in the little spaces between the blinds).  The grass is suddenly greener, the trees are beginning to bud and children have once again returned to yards and sidewalks to ride bikes and shriek with delight (and track mud into my house).  This means, of course, that houses are ALSO cleaner (hence, the reason for spring cleaning) and yard work must be done.  We have to be ready for MOTHER’S DAY when all signs of frost have passed (and believe me, every serious gardener knows it is Mother’s Day. Do not be fooled by unseasonably warm weather. One year there were sixteen inches of glorious, white precipitation on the ground on April 24th).

Things I noticed this weekend that indicated signs of the vernal equinox:

The freaking light in my eyes at 7am

chirping birds!

Happy doggy, who is no longer limping from stiff joints

People washing their cars

raking and yard work

My husband’s yearly trip to the ER (no bee stings this time!  Thankfully it’s too early for that)

Runny noses and puffy eyes

Bugaboo’s eye boogers

Bug Boy becomes reclusive

I want to paint everything in sight

I want to throw away everything in sight

I want to eat everything in sight

Hence, my pants no longer fit

Hence, my new-season resolution to never eat again

Hence, my resolve to get more exercise

Hence, my jog this morning

Hence, my reason for eating more potatoes

All I can say is AAAAAAHHHHHHHH  SPRING!!!!!

3 thoughts on “First Signs of Spring

  1. Why do you want to eat everything in sight during spring?

  2. Merlot says:

    It’s been fantastic!!

  3. I’m not a registered dietitian, but I play one on the internet. Because of this, I’m forced to say that the “never eat again” plan is not recommended. Ten, maybe fifteen years is the longest I feel is safe.

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