Just Sayin’, Reprise


March 16, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

DO go to the dentist when you are having tooth pain and headaches.

DO brush your teeth before hand, and DO NOT run out the door late (like SOME people I know) and drink coffee before you go and have to suck down water and altoids in the parking lot before you go in the dental office.

DO get recommended appliance when Cute Dentist tells you that you grind and clench your teeth .

DO laugh heartily when you realize your migraines and tooth pain are from said griding and clenching.

DO NOT hit your head on shelf whilst bringing in groceries when you already have a headache.

AND DO NOT put down the hand you just sprained in order to break your fall.

Just sayin’.

One thought on “Just Sayin’, Reprise

  1. Got message: SMILE pretty for the hot dentist!

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