I Really Should Get Up and Do Something


March 9, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

I’m sitting here sipping tea, staring at the dead-animal-skin-couch in my Family Room wondering just what I should do today.  I don’t understand why the whole time-change thingy gets me so badly. Because it’s dark when I wake up?  Because I dread the kids being off schedule? Because it’s a good thing to use as an excuse when I’m tired?

I’m ignoring the phone at the moment (sorry, it must be done) and ignoring the fact that I haven’t gotten up to eat or use the bathroom. And so I sit. And wait.  And wonder.

Oh, I have plenty to do.  Mt. Washmore currently consists of five loads (and counting).  The dishes need to be unloaded and reloaded. The dog needs a bath and brushing.  I need a bath. And brushing.  I should probably go around to each room and makes beds and clean up.  I have to take the dog to the vet. I need to go get some food.

And still I sit here.

It’s no big secret that I suffer from various forms of depression.  I was exhilarated this weekend from the unseasonably warm weather.  This is usually when I crash.  Can you say manic stage?  I go like the energizer bunny, get tons done, feel all WOOHOOO and then I sit and stare at walls.  Or maybe it’s the fact that my husband is going away for three days on business.  Again.  Sigh.

Maybe it’s because I over-commit.  But even if I cut everything out (which I’ve done in the past) I still get this way.  So I keep busy because it’s better than sitting in boredom.  I know what I have to do, I just cannot bring myself to do it.

I should be celebrating.  I mean, BUGABOO SLEPT IN HIS OWN BED LAST NIGHT!  For the first time in six months!  HUZZAH!  Sound the trumpets!  Get out the good china!  We are gonna celebrate!

By sitting here for a little while longer.

2 thoughts on “I Really Should Get Up and Do Something

  1. Mina says:

    Just wanted to tell you I totally understand. Sometimes it’s all just TOO MUCH, and even though I know there are things I should be doing, it’s just mentally out of reach for me. I think a lot of it has to do with having to do SO MUCH for our kids, that when they don’t need us, we need a break from the world. I know I do, anyway. Cleaning will be beckoning, wash is waiting (I have a Mt. Washmore, too, although mine often gets piled up in the “clean, unfolded” pile.), there are a million things I SHOULD be doing, and yet I can’t seem to get motivated to do any of them.

    Take it easy and remember that it’s ok to do nothing sometimes.

  2. GeekChick says:

    We all need our down time, you know. Doesn’t mean it’s manic. We need the time to recover or recoup our energies. It’s ok. Just give yourself permission to enjoy those moments…

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