The Strangest Thing Happened


March 6, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

This week I managed to get eight days of sleep in a row.  Eight. As in, all night. ALL. NIGHT.  Like, normal people?  OMFG!  NO WAAAAIIII!!!


It’s true.  Luckily for me, Bugaboo has the same rotten cold/plague that we’ve all had.  You might think I’m a bad momma, but this means that he comes home, camps out on the couch with his puzzles and doesn’t move until I pry him from the couch to put him to bed. This means my house is cleaner because I’m not cleaning up entire salt shakers or sugar bowls that have been dumped on the floor.  Which means I’m a happier momma.  And if Momma ain’t happy…

All of this sleep stuff translates to ENERGY!  HOUSEWORK!  COOKING DINNER!  Which means this morning I felt so totally freaking awesome I took the dog for the first walk she’s had in months.  She’s been on restricted activity, which means NO WALKS.  She’s allowed to run around our yard with supervision.  Now, containing my dog is about as funny as containing a Chinchilla.  It isn’t done. But still, we followed directions until today. I could not stand another minute of being cooped up in the house (yes, I do suffer from SAD, why do you ask?) and took advantage of the already-warmer weather and took her to the bus stop with me.

And then we walked.

And then we jogged.

We did a modified version of my old route (only ten minutes with a five-minute cool down) and got home, gasping for air, but  HOLY FREAKING COW I FEEL GOOD.  My legs are jello, I’m totally out of shape and my back is sore (as are my feet, I clearly need new jog shoes!) but it was so awesome. I feel like me today.

Exercise.  Who knew?

This is all coupled with the fact that I’m eating much better this week.  Veggies!  Beans!  Less meat!  NO FRIED POTATOES!  And the weather is gradually getting warmer.  And the days are slowly getting longer. Which means I feel human because I am outside more.

Also?  We finally narrowed down the school selections for Bugaboo and have made our requests known and are now crossing our fingers and hoping the #1 choice accepts him.  I don’t see why they wouldn’t, since the majority of the kids that go there are just like him.  Number of placements combined with my school district’s willingness to send him there hopefully equals Bugaboo going there this fall.  Less stress worrying about what to do with him certainly equates to momma getting more sleep.


350_chdx296237502_30001Oh yes, it is mine.  And yes, I’m aware of the irony of the whole former-vegetarian buying leather furniture thingy.  But!  It’s water and stain resistant!  Poo will wipe right off!  And pee!  And vomit!  And!!!11!!

It will save me years and years of work, really.  Trust me.  And it’s our first real-live grown-up furniture. Everything else has been hand-me-downs and cheapo crap.   I know we are nuts. I know the kids will destroy this, too. But I am tired of people coming to my house and being afraid to sit because they might catch typhoid or diphtheria.

Thank you tax return.

In other news:  I’m going to IKEA this weekend to get throw pillows and other nonsense and WILL get my Swedish meatballs, thankyouverymuch.

Thank you tax return.  See?  This is us stimulating the economy!

We also paid off our car.  So long, car payments!  We also paid off our credit card (to be fair, we do this monthly).  So long, finance charges!  We also are finally planning on building a deck over the freaking mud pit by my back door.  This pleases me more than I can possibly express.  SO LONG MUDDY DOG PAWS ON MY CARPET AND WOOD FLOOR!

It’s sad that I’m so excited about these mundane thing. But, I AM the Domestic Goddess. My home IS my castle. My castle is warm and cozy and happy right now.  Life couldn’t be better, really.

Now Hurry Up, Spring.  I gots me stuff to do.

7 thoughts on “The Strangest Thing Happened

  1. Mina says:

    I had to laugh about your joy at Bugaboo having the bug…My older son (almost 5) on the spectrum just had strep, and was laid low for a few days, and I felt the SAME way. And I had to laugh about the dumped salt or suger…we’re hiding our salt shakers now. 😉

  2. Mina says:

    Should be SUGAR…got a toddler climbing on me.

  3. HG says:

    If you mean the S Philly IKEA and you mean on Sunday, I’d love to meet you for meatballs and shopping 🙂

  4. MemeGRL says:

    Woohoo! I love me an Ikea trip. Have fun with the new furniture! And when the sleep fairy is done with your house, send her to mine, please!

  5. pkzcass says:

    That couch is gorgeous! As gorgeous as you are with having 8 nights of sleep. Enjoy it. And IKEA? Well, you know how I feel about that place.

  6. I ❤ IKEA! Have fun.

    Do take photos of everything and share once you get it all arranged.

    The closest I got is the ALBT needed to spruce up the bedroom. So, we got some great deals at TJMaxx and the bathroom and bedroom have never looked better and he’s amazing. He goes shopping with AG without complaint and is sooo sweet about everything.

    Ahhh, southern boys are amazing.

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