Super Magic Fun Time


February 16, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

This weekend we had some plans. We were going to hang out as a family, do some fun things and then I had a girls’ function to go to on Sunday.  ADULT CONVERSATION!  NOSHIES!  WINE!  Boy, oh Boy, I really needed this outing.

Naturally, I woke up Saturday morning with a throbbing headache.  And sinus infection.  And ear ache.  Sunday morning I didn’t even get my peepers open to look at the clock before I knew I felt worse.  Feverish, achy, tummy ache, groggy.

No outing.

No adult conversation.

No wine.

No adult conversation.

See, I spend my days with younguns.  My conversations consist of, “Hands are for helping, not for hurting” and “I need you to be a good listener or else we’ll have to have a time-out.  The most I get to say to Bugaboo is, “Stop doing headstands and flips down the stairs!” or “Get out of the fireplace when it is lit!”  Hence, my ever-growing need for adult conversation. I want to talk about politics and the failing economy. I want to talk about the great vaccination debate.  I want to rant about the status of health care and Disability services.

But basically I wanted to be around intelligent, educated women who know how to drink a glass of wine and chat and act…well, normal.  Because nothing in my life is remotely similar to normal.  As in, my life is the furthest thing from normal.  Most folks don’t sleep with their six-year-old when their husband sleeps in the other room.  Most people don’t have to drug said child in order for him to sleep AT ALL.  Most folks don’t spend hours and hours sitting in waiting rooms and take trips to the children’s hospital on a weekly basis.  They have jobs or they roll their eyes at the parents or they get frustrated with their kids.  Or their kids play off in a corner someplace and the mom can read  a book. A real, live book.  Like, literature.

So.  Normal.  I am not sure what normal is. I’m not sure anyone is actually normal.  I’m just saying, WHY THE H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS do I have to get the freaking flu on the ONE PLANNED OUTING OF THE YEAR SO FAR THAT DOESN’T INVOLVE MY KIDS OR HUSBAND OR SCHOOL OR IEPs OR DOCTORS?

And, will an ice pick reduce the amount of cranial pressure I am currently experiencing?

3 thoughts on “Super Magic Fun Time

  1. HG says:

    I feel your pain. I had to miss the same outing because of my plague. 😦

  2. RuthWells says:

    Back away from the ice pick!!

    We’re obviously going to have to have a redo. Stat.

  3. I missed the event on Sunday too. 😦

    I rarely get intelligent conversations in my circles.

    I can however tell you about my ladies who lunch, who expect “push gifts” when they birth babies.

    You are far more lucky than moi– at least you got cute kids to talk to when you miss out on these events.

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