Stuff I Thought About Yesterday


January 21, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

Doors frozen shut.



CNN Live Stream


Scrapple for breakfast

GHWB wearing purple and yellow.

Why is John Cusak a DCVIP?

Joe Biden’s teeth

Joe Biden should have joined hair club for men when he had botox and veneers

Is the network going to tell us when they go to the loo?  I don’t need to know she took off her shoes for a second.

Those girls are awfully well-behaved

There are tons of old people in congress.

Separation of church and state?  Hmmmmm…


The CNN sound guy was too close to the military band horn section.

They told me when he wiped his nose.

Kennedy passed out.

I need to pick a school for Bugaboo and I’m petrified.

Bug Boy needs a haircut.

I love my chiro.  ALmost as much as the neuro.

Little boys have tons of energy.

My baby nephew.

Dirty Jobs.  Animal Rendering Plant.  *hurl*

Online word game addiction.

Herniated discs suck.  As go muscle spasms in the middle of the night.

Bugaboo snores.

So does the dog.

It’s almost midnight…still awake…Zzzzzzz…

3 thoughts on “Stuff I Thought About Yesterday

  1. What an amazing effin’ day!

    Even if it is couched with knowing that Teddy isn’t going to be the face I look for in Boston for much longer.

    Almost as sad as the day that Congressman Joe died and I-93 had signs that read, “We miss you, Joe! The Bay State won’t be the same.”

  2. natalie says:

    brilliant. i might have to do a post like this. just with my thoughts. great idea.

  3. You’ve been thinking a looong time!


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