A New Year, a New Start


January 1, 2009 by Marj Hatzell

We celebrated the end of 2008 in great fashion: Cosmos, Irish Cider, Stromboli and chips and dip. A rowdy game of Apples to Apples ensued and all enjoyed the evening’s festivities. We barely made it to midnight (except for the eight-year-old, who we mistakenly decided to allow to greet the new year) and went to bed shortly after we watched that annoying ball drop on those crazy people freezing on time square.

Also? WTF p*cat dolls? It was AWFUL. And Kelly Pickler. And the other eejits they had to kick off the new year. Ryan Seacrest? ACK! Save me! And poor Dick. They might as well wheel in a wax figure. He looked awful. And sounded awful.

The kids decided to help us kick off the new year by sleeping until ten in the morning. That’s ten. In the morning. As in, half-way through the morning. As in IT WILL NEVER, EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. And so far we’ve consumed toast, started the pork and kraut and have cuddles in our jammies, playing with computers and warming ourselves in front of the fire. On the menu this evening when we gather with a few friends and kiddies for a wii partay? Pork, sauerkraut, mashed taters and fried apples. Only the best German food will do. And my friend will bring her black-eyed peas, as only the best Southern WASP recipe will do for her. It’ll be grand.

This past year had so many ups and downs! We had major improvements, major setbacks and may-jah stuff happen. I seriously think most of it was a blur. Except for the part where we spent the MAJOR-ity of our savings on therapy for Bugaboo. Worth every penny. Did I mention he is using the toilet a few times a day? No? HE’S USING THE TOILET. A FEW TIMES A DAY.

And there was much rejoicing…

This year we look forward to doing something about the giant mudpit in our backyard (that once held a rickety-Beverly-Hillbillies-Deck) and possible more therapy for Bugaboo. We need to search for a school placement for him (which is not as easy as it sounds, we want to find the right fit for him) and we need to maintain the status quo around here. We also need to remember to be a family sometimes. It sounds ridiculous, but the truth is that we often fall into this pattern of four separate individuals who share a dwelling. We need to do family activities and figure out how to enjoy being with each other more.

I also want to be a more patient parent. And exercise more. These two go hand in hand, see. If I get daily exercise, I release stress. If I am not so stressed out, I can parent more rationally. If I can parent more rationally, my kids are happier because I’m not chasing them with long, pointy objects (I keed, I keed. They aren’t pointy.).

Other than that, my only goal (I don’t make resolutions) is to spend more time with my husband. More quality time. More nudge-nudge-wink-wink time. And to get Bugaboo to stop sleeping in our room so we can reclaim it. The double bed in Bugaboo’s room is much to small and it is getting old. Plus, it’s hard to feel like a PHAT wifey when surrounded by aqua blue paint and fishies on the wall. And musical buses.

Have a good one, y’all. I wish you a happy and healthy and safe 2009. Now, don’t forget to put ’09 on your checks.

I wish you and yours the best this year.

4 thoughts on “A New Year, a New Start

  1. Here’s to a great 2009!

  2. Joe says:

    I recommend replacing his double bed with a full bed. Its roomier for those inevitable nights where you just say f it and lay down with him. You can lay in HIS room, instead of bringing him to YOUR room.

    I know, I know, you shouldn’t lay with him, you should get him to sleep by himself. Easier said than done at 3AM.

    • He has a full-sized bed. THe problem is that he is petrified to be in his own room! We have tried everything we can think of. WE are actually thinking of putting a flat screen in his room to see if he’ll fall asleep in there…

  3. natalie says:

    sounds like a great year! so glad for bugaboo’s improvements. those little things make your day go so much better! and i’m with you on the exercise thing! i have got to get back into it. with the big move and then the holidays i’ve had so much else to do! exercise and eating right has taken a backseat to pretty much everything else! we have company this week so that makes it hard. i think wednesday is my day to start. i hope. i am ready!

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