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December 23, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

This holiday we had to get creative. We spent all there is to spend on Bugaboo’s therapy and although I managed to pick up a few things along the way (on clearance, at the home of the Big Red Dot), we didn’t not have a large holiday budget this year. I had fifty dollars total to spend on twenty teachers, therapists, aides and other folks that go above and beyond for my kids. I had to get super creative. No Wawa or Panera gift certs, no coffee and tea gift baskets (I know who drinks what) and nothing big or fancy.  I had to really think about this. I knew I didn’t have to give them ANYTHING, but if you only knew what they did for us, you’d understand why I insisted on remembering them in a small but special way.  I tried to come up with one thing I totally could not live without.  And that one thing is this:


Know what this is?  It’s a sinus pillow.  It can be nuked or frozen and is AMAZING when I have a headache, a migraine, Aunt Flo is visiting or if I’m having muscle spasms due to my sacral disc deciding to quit it’s job.  It cost me around $30.  I have three different ones in the house.  The other day I came across the directions on how to MAKE them.  I thought, “I’m crafty. I can sew.  This won’t take me long at all.  And, if I can get the materials cheaply, it will be the PERFECT teacher gift this year.”  I spent an entire week making them, one hour at a time, late at night, where Bugaboo couldn’t stim on the contents and turn me into a sobbing heap of jelly on the floor.  Twenty of them total.  And when I showed them to my husband, proud as can be, he said, “Can you make me six more by Monday?”

I did.  He gave them to his staff in lieu of the expensive crap he usually buys them.  They LOVED them and knew exactly what they were.  One woman literally jumped up and down.

So then last night, I’m sitting there looking at all of the leftover materials, thinking I could do a few more. I have enough for twelve .  I have seven siblings, plus my parents, plus my mother-in-law, plus my loving neighbor/mother of five who could TOTALLY use this.  I cut out the materials for twelve more, sewed them up and am going to fill them today.  And wrap them up all pretty like.  And give them as gifts for Christmas.

Total cost for each one?  $3 to $5, depending on what I put in them.

Dood.  That’s awesome.  Useful, cheap and easy to make and a decent gift.  And my family will love them, since we all suffer from horrible allergies, ear and sinus infections because my mother is a three-pack-a-day smoker and we spent our childhood breathing in second-hand smoke and black tar. (No, I’m not bitter.  Ok, maybe a teensy bit.)  But in all seriousness, I cannot live without one of those sinus pillows.  And I hope my family feels the same way.

Oh, and the other gifts we made for my Mother-in-Law and husband?  Bug Boy made custom made mouse pads. He made AWESOME personalized pictures and then I laminated them.  And Daddy LOVES stuff that Bug Boy makes him, so I know he will proudly display it on his desk at work.  Cost?  Nothing. We already had the laminator, art materials and laminating pouches.

I’ve already told you what I want this Holiday Season. C’mon, spill the beans! If you could get one really cool thing, what would it be?  And don’t tell me world peace, feeding the hungry and all that.  I take that as a given.  I mean, one item that is no doubt totally out of your reach but you want it anyway.  Like a digital XLR camera.  Or a WII FIT WHICH I CAN’T FIND IN ANY FREAKING STORE AND I REFUSED TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF ON EBAY.

Ahem…anyways, do share!

7 thoughts on “DG’s Favorite Things

  1. Sarah says:

    totally want a massage chair cushion thingy…i love shopping and seeing them in the store. you can’t get me out of them!

  2. Mary says:

    Get off the computer and answer your phone chica!! Of course you might be trying to right now and I am tying up my phone in writing this, ha ha ha.

    I’d nearly forgotten about this blog, good for you for keeping it up and running 😀

    If I could have one item, what would it be? A new Marshall Town that is not made by Goldsblat. Stupid corperate buyouts. Or world peace.

    Going to cruise your blog here and see if you didn’t link to what I am looking for. TTL, ILY, and a bunch of other net-speak 😉

  3. She Started It says:

    I haven’t owned a pair of slippers for close to thirty years. That’s all I want. I pair of slippers.

    And if you happen to decide to make a business out of making and shipping these pillows for this person who has terrible allergies/allergy headaches, let me know so I can place my order.

  4. Els says:

    I want, would like please, a description of how you make that pillow. What”s inside?

  5. GeekChick says:

    OOOHHHHH!!! I can’t wait to get mine! 🙂 I have wanted one of these for YEARS. Srsly. Can I have mine on Christmas Day? I am waiting (patiently) for Aunt Flo and it would totally be awesome to have it for when she comes….just sayin’.

    What I want for Christmas? To be surrounded by family and friends 🙂 Ok, cop out. I really want a new oven, dishwasher and fridge. Not too tall an order, huh? LOL

  6. Merlot says:

    You already know what I really truly want, but if I can’t have that I want new furniture in my dining room and bedroom.

  7. Merlot says:

    Oh yeah, those pillows are so cool! I used to have on stuffed with lavendar that somehow didn’t survive a move over the years. A very thoughtful gift!

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