All I Want For Christmas


December 16, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

I probably shouldn’t have done it, but last year I decided Bugaboo WOULD BE OUT OF DIAPERS by his sixth birthday. This plan has been met with much Resistance on his part, however.  Somehow he’s all, “Use the toilet?  Please!  That is beneath a person of my stature!”  And yet we’ve tried (and failed) and tried again (and failed again) every time he has been on break this year.  He has never successfully used the toilet at school.  He has done it a few times at home, albeit sporadically.

This weekend we had a major breakthrough. He was cranky as all-get-out, bouncing off the walls (yes, it apparently IS possible for him to be even more hyperactive!) and refusing to comply.  He threw himself on the ground in parking lots, refusing to get up.  He had temper-tantrums at his mecca, the RED DOT store.  And this is a breakthrough, you ask?  Patience, People.I’m getting there.

Whenever Bugaboo is sick, in some strange turn of events he also makes developmental progress.  We catch a glimpse of what Bugaboo is like without all of the jumping, stimming, spinning and flipping.  He is cuddly and sweet and smiley.  And he chatters non-stop, signs GREAT and plays quietly with his toys.  At one point on Saturday, he actually SAT AND WATCHED TV.  And you might be thinking, “EVIL IDIOT BOX!  EVIL!” but that’s progress for my kid. He doesn’t sit long enough to feel the couch on his butt, mmkay?  SITTING GOOD!  Not only did he sign without prompting, asking appropriately for what he wanted to eat, but he SPOKE A FEW WORDS. This happens very rarely.  He said, “UP!  UP!” when he wanted to get out of the shopping cart, “HUG HUG!” for “Big Hug” when he wanted to get a hug (and use us to get him out of the shopping cart) and “CAN!  CAN!” when he spotted a bag of his favorite candy (and wanted to get out of the shopping cart to get it).   He also used his favorite sentence while signing, “More eat water!”  Which is his way of saying, “Give me a bath!”    AND!  He signed, “SHOES!”  And “DRIVE!” when he was tired and wanted to take a ride with his Daddy.

I’d say it was a productive weekend.

But!  THERE’S MORE!  He also, three days in a row, begged us to let him into the bathroom.  And sat on the toilet. By himself.  AND USED THE TOILET.  This is HUGE, y’all!  In the past, he’s been quite happy to sit on the toilet.  He’ll sit and sing with us and play itsy-bitsy spider until the cows come home (or until his tushie gets stuck to the toilet) but he doesn’t like to actually use it.  Voluntarily, that is. Sometimes he accidentally used it.  But now!  He ASKED to go!  He is pointing to the toilet, pointing to himself, removing his pants and GOING!  On his own!

Now, we aren’t out of the woods. But I can tell you that this is my dream right now. For my child to become more independent and do things that his peers do.  He can never be included into a regular classroom situation if he cannot function like the other kids.  The older he gets, the more likely he can be victimized because of the fact that he cannot independently use the toilet.  And let’s be honest, here.  I’m lazy.  I breastfed not only because of obvious nutritional benefits, but because I HATE DISHES and I’M TOO LAZY TO GET OUT OF BED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.  I’m also too lazy to change diapers.  And do laundry.  And I procrastinate. So the less I have to do, the better.

Send good karma, prayers, fairy dust and voodoo our way, y’all.

8 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas

  1. RuthWells says:

    Sending you the good toilet juju! (Wait, that sounds… odd.)

  2. Marta says:

    Great weekend! Sending positive toughts.

  3. Synia says:

    LOL…I hear ya about the frustrations of potty training. My little one is almost 5 and is still having WAY too many “accidents” during the day and still wears a diaper to bed every night. She will be starting school next year and needs to be fully potty trained with NO “accidents”, otherwise I will be driving back and forth to school everyday with changes of clothes for her and I am sooo NOT into that!! But a Moms gotta do what a Moms gotta do right? 🙂

    Hope he continues to pee on the pot for ya!! 😉

  4. natalie says:

    wow! how exciting! good for him. good for you!

  5. Joe says:

    Wow! Great news! Hopefully now that he’s done it “regularly” (haha, get it?) he’ll realize that its actually easier and more comfortable to use the toilet. Awesome, truly awesome!! Next thing you’ll know, he’ll be sleeping through the night.

    • He has actually been sleeping through the night! Almost every single night, and I haven’t listened to Thomas in my dreams for nearly two weeks. It’s a Christmas miracle, I’m telling you!
      I’m so happy! He keeps putting HIMSELF on the toilet, removing his diapers when he has to go… I mean, there’s totally a connection! See? He won’t be in diapers until 9!

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  7. tammy says:

    Congrats on the huge breakthrough! People w/ “normal” kids would never be able to understand how big this really is but I do! I wish you continuous success but also patience for the times things are not going quite so smoothly. I look forward to hearing about his progress. take care.

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