It Always Goes Back to the Same Things Around Here

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December 12, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

My life kinda runs in a cycle.  Everything comes full-circle eventually.  Which means you know it has been a decent week if I am talking about the usual topics here at Chez DG:  My dog, poo and my backyard.

In fact, for your viewing pleasure, I have also decided that since my once-lost camera has now been found (it seems that certain little four-and-five-year-old boys thought it would be funny to take pictures of one another’s heads and feet and the floor and the chair, and then hide the camera so they wouldn’t get into trouble) I would enlighten you with what has been going on around here.

No, I didn’t take pictures of my new, adorable nephew.

No, I didn’t take pictures of Bug Boy at his First Penance Service.  Or his birthday.

No, I didn’t take pictures of Bugaboo FINALLY learning to drink out of a cup with no lid (HUZZAH!).

No, I didn’t take pictures of my awesome Christmas decorations.

No, I didn’t take pictures of my boy climbing on the portal of hell school bus this morning.




I did take a picture of Lake Erie in my backyarI did take a picture of the 8ft X 20ft X 4ft High wood pile my husband secured last week (which will last us until the dawn of time).  I also took a picture of my fabulous and soiled pooch resting in the yard, since it has been raining for eons and she hasn’t set foot out there, except to briefly relieve herself.  She is so happy that the rain stopped that she WON’T COME BACK IN.  I didn’t, however, take pictures of the poo I forgot to clean up before the deluge (EW!).  SO I have to do it today. Which ought to be a nasty mess, but it is my own stoopid fault.  And speaking of OWN STOOPID FAULT, Bugaboo was bouncing around last night, trying to get into the bathroom, and I ignored him because I wanted to sit for five minutes and GUESS WHO HAD TO CLEAN POO OFF OF THE COUCH AGAIN?  Rhymes with TEE HEE.

I mean, potty-trained?  Where’s the fun in that?  If he starts using the toilet more consistently, just WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL OF THAT FREE TIME?  HMMMMM?

That was a rhetorical question, y’all.

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