Obsessed. Addicted. Possessed. Beset


December 8, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Any way you want to say it, my husband can be a wee bit hooked on things once he gets going. For example, he checks our account balances DAILY. Yes, as in every. Single. Evening. Before bed. He also cannot live without electronics. Before electronics were even prevalent, the man had many of them. Whether it is his laptop (or both of them at the same time), his crack berry or another electronical device, he cannot live without them. Want proof? On the days I declare an “unplugged day” for our family? He sneaks his blackberry into the bathroom with him and I catch him playing brick-breaker. On the toilet. Sorry if that’s TMI, I just need to illustrate to which extent this many will go.

This winter his focus has shifted from MUST GROW GRASS! LOTS AND LOTS OF GRASS! To MUST FIND WOOD! LOGS! FIREWOOD! GOTTA HAVE IT! And to give you a teensy example? We’ll be driving to, let’s say, CHURCH, and the many will take a detour (even though it is five-of-whatever-time-it-starts and we are already late) to drive by a house he saw getting a tree cut down to ask if he can come back to get some of the wood. Nine times out of ten he is successful. This weekend I made the stoopid mistake of telling him about wood I saw on the way to Tarzhay (I like to take the long route through the neighboring town, also know as Tree City USA) and he couldn’t stop thinking about it all day Saturday. You know, when we were throwing a birthday party for Bug Boy? With sixteen children in our house? He actually had the audacity to ask me if he could leave in the middle of the party to go get the wood. When we had sixteen kids in our house. At our child’s birthday party. Sigh.

I made him wait until yesterday. And then he drove all over tree city and found two more houses that recently removed trees. And now? We have a GI-HUGE-IC pile of logs in our backyard, which will eventually be split and stacked to age and dry for next season. Or the season after that. Or even the two seasons after that. I’m not kidding when I tell you that it is about four cords of wood. FOUR. Quattro.  We go through about one per season, having gotten two cords the first year we moved here. Since then we’ve checked freecycle and Craig’s list (or, I should clarify,HE has checked it several times daily) and have occasionally gotten more. We currently have about two cords in the garage, obtained over the past year. And he isn’t done yet. OH NO! He and my brother just let to go get ONE MORE TREE that the found across the street from my bff’s house (the Doctor) when he was in stealth mode dropping off our plastic recycling. You know, because we participate in illegal plastic dumping since our town doesn’t recycle it (not a requirement, nor is it financially happening in a town on 600). Because I’m all crazy like that.

Anyways. Wood. He even took a day off to go do this. Sigh. Whatever makes him happy, right? I almost wish it were spring and he’d go back to cutting the grass for three hours a day. Almost. Ok, not really. I mean, TOTALLY NOT AT ALL.

3 thoughts on “Obsessed. Addicted. Possessed. Beset

  1. evenshine says:

    The blackberry on the toilet. Yup. I, too, sadly, have witnessed thereof. My sympathies.

  2. GeekChick says:

    Hehe, you said wood….

    But your fireplace is the BOMB! Srsly, it rocks. Can never have enough wood! LOL

  3. […] much. In fact, we had all-day fires in the fireplace all weekend.  You can do this when you have a wood pile in your backyard that is twenty feet long and eight feet wide and four feet […]

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