Change is Good…Right? RIGHT?


December 5, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Things change, people change, hairstyles change, interest rates fluctuate (ten points for the person who can name the movie that line is from).  It’s good when things change.  Like, haircuts are good for you.  Painting the walls of your house?  Good for you (if you get eco-friendly paint and don’t do it when your husband is away on business. Every time he goes away on business.  No, it wasn’t me…maybe.).  It’s also good when you can move around furniture, because you NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WILL FIND THERE.  Like tv clickers and pocket change. And cheerios.  And the juice you didn’t know spilled under there.  Sigh.

So I logged on this morning, already to tell you about the Pirate Paaaaaarrrrrrrty we are having tomorrow for Bug Boy.    I was gonna tell you about the gold coins and eye  patches we are giving as favors and the pirate place  mats and shrinky dinks we are making (thank you, laminating machine) and the walk-the-plank game we are going to play.  And how I’m going to have twelve boys in my house for two hours.  And how I’m gonna crack open the wine bottle the second they all leave.

But I noticed something different.  Like, everything was different. WORDPRESS IS DIFFERENT!  ACK!   EVERYTHING IS MOVED AROUND! (changeisgoodchangeisgoodchangeisgood)  The only thing that makes me more unsettled is when I walk into the grocery and everything has been switched about and I walk around like a deer in headlights and the store employees ask, “May I help you find something?” and I’m all, “HELLZ YEAH, YOU CAN HELP ME FIND SOMETHING!  WTF?”  Yeah, I have a teensy problem with transitions.  And I wonder where my kids get it.

I.  I will survive.

One thought on “Change is Good…Right? RIGHT?

  1. Mary says:

    Top Secret, of course.
    No one got that yet? Seriously. What they aren’t teaching people in school these days makes me sad 😦

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