Pop Quiz Time With DG! Special Turkey Addition!


December 1, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Good morning, class!  Time for another pop quiz with DG!  Thought you were getting away with no homework since it was a long holiday weekend, did you?  Ok, then. Pencils ready?  GO!

1. Bugaboo was off for TEN. DAYS. STRAIGHT.  You know what this means!  Non-stop action!  Did Bugaboo:

a) Wake up at 1 am, never to return to sleep that day (No more sudafed. EVER.)

b) Climb into the fireplace, resulting a blister on his toe (don’t worry, it wasn’t lit.  Just hot coals.) and a trip to the bathtub to be hosed down.

c) Dump honey, tea, lemonade and anything else resembling a liquid on the couch.

d) all of the above

2. When loading the dishwasher, Mr. DG:

a) Stacked it neatly, in true DG style, making sure that ever dish was accounted for and cleaned in one load

b) threw them all in randomly, doing his version of “full” and leaving half of the dishes on the counter

c) Sat with his laptop on his lap, playing Webkinz and ignored the dishes for two days, even though DG didn’t sleep for four days in a row

d) b and c

3. Thanksgiving.  Pie.  Your favorite?

a) Pumpkin

b) Apple

c) other (please specify below

d) any and all, just gimmee


4. SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!  Extra people on turkey day!  Do you:

a) Cry and run into the corner, sucking your thumb

b) Throw a hissy fit because your table setting is PERFECT and you saw it in BHG magazine and OH NO YOU DI’INT!

d) add more charis and shift things around. The more the merrier!  We’ve got tons of room and plenty of extended family members, including the kids up the street who literally want to move in here.

5.  After TEN. DAYS. OFF.  Bugaboo went back to school today.  Did DG:

a) Run and cry into the corner, sucking her thumb

b) Sleep all day

c) Business as usual!  Appointments!  Phone calls!  Errands!

d) Hop the first bus to Canada (she doesn’t fly well)

6. DG’s favorite Turkey Day dish

a) Turkey

b) her totally awesome filling/stuffing/dressing/whatevs

c) DUH!  I’m gonna pretend you didn’t ask that!  EVERYONE KNOWS IT’S TATERS!  MASHED!

d) Any dish she didn’t have to clean

2 thoughts on “Pop Quiz Time With DG! Special Turkey Addition!

  1. Geek Chick says:

    Ooooh, pick me, pick me!!!!!

    1. d
    2. d
    3. b (although mom’s was undercooked a bit)
    4. d (although I suspect a trick question as there was no “c” option)
    5. c
    6. c (another trick question – no rolls on the list???)

    How’d I do?

  2. HG says:

    EEK! We must get together over Christmas break.

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