Wait For the Other Shoe to Drop


November 24, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Two full nights of sleep AND a date?  Surely you jest.  Yet, that is exactly what happened this weekend. I had time to make nice meals. I caught up on the laundry.  The floor was MOPPED for crying out loud!   What is this, a parallel universe?

Actually, I think the planets were aligned, pigs were flying by the window and the salt I threw over my should finally paid off. Which is a good thing, because that pile of salt over my shoulder?  It’s taller than my shoulder now.

Truth be told, the kids are just feeling better. Which means I’m feeling better. Which means DH is feeling better.  And if they get sleep and I get sleep and DH gets sleep, then WE ARE ALL GETTING SLEEP.  Follow the logic?  It’s  vicious circle, see.  Like a stack of dominos, we all hold each other up around here.  If one falls, then so does the next person.

Which is why I was particularly perturbed when Bugaboo decided that 2am was a perfect time to freak out, ruin around the house and beg for Thomas.  I’m fairly certain that my hell involves singing trains.  And he’s here all week, folks.  Catch the show while you can. By next Monday?  I’m sure I’ll be curled up in a ball in the corner, mumbling to myself and blowing raspberries.

One thought on “Wait For the Other Shoe to Drop

  1. Merlot says:

    OH NO! Hopefully things won’t be too out of control during Thanksgiving!

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