My New Marketing Idea


November 18, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

It’ll make millions!  I’ll be rich forever!


Suffice to say, today was a loooooooooong day at Casa del duPont.  Yes, I’m aware I mixed French and Spanish. What are you, the blog police?

Six Hours.

Four Appointments.

Two Children.

One Day.

Yes, I’m ready to keel over.

Yes, my legs feel like jello.

No, I was not very patient with Bugaboo’s Risky Business routine this evening (aka, dance around the house, strip down, swing from chandelier, walk on knee wall and slide on kitchen linoleum, all the while doing head stands(!) and front rolls (!!) and flipping backwards (!!!) and I’m not kidding).

Yes, I’m happy they are in bed.

Yes, hot tea and high-calorie desserts are in my immediate future.

No, my immediate future does not involved snuggling or alcohol.

Yes, my husband was bright enough to take Dr. Destructo (aka Bugaboo) for a ride to get him out of my hair before I totally lost it and pulled an exorcist-style freak out.

Yes, I’m aware that days like these may be the reason I am so exhausted and stressed out.

No, I haven’t watched the news, read the paper or read anyone’s blogs in days.

Yes, I am sorta looking forward to Bug Boy’s minor surgery on Thursday because I can sit in the hospital and read and do crossword puzzles and play bookworm on my cell phone and totally goof off and forget about life for a while.

No, I was not aware that what I just described is no one else’s idea of relaxation (albeit mine).

Yes, I’m going to bed. Now.

4 thoughts on “My New Marketing Idea

  1. RuthWells says:

    I’m exhausted just hearing about it. Hang in there!

  2. Anjali says:

    I have great expectations for Bugaboo and an Olympic God medal in gymnastics!

  3. Kelly says:

    Honey, I need a nap just reading this. Sounds like Ruth does too. On the plus side, high calorie desserts….


  4. Merlot says:

    I did notice you haven’t been around much. Try to take care of yourself. Mmm, what girl doesn’t love potatos?

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