It Cuts Like a Knife


November 12, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

It’s no joke.  Bug Boy will have his nevus removed next week.  Not just an ordinary nevus, this one is larger than a quarter these days. It has progressively grown since he was born with it and now is apparently the time to have it removed.

The docs don’t want him to go one more summer with that thing on his abdomen.  Part of me is sad to see it go, as it is part of who he is. I always thought his mole was cute and then I found out that the type he has almost always turns into skin cancer. Skin cancer is not cute(Just in case you were wondering about that). I know this because I spent two years having my nose and ear treated and may go back for more this spring, depending on what the next biopsy shows.  Not cute at all.

So the mole goes.  But that’s not all!  Also included in this fabulous deal, if you call within the next fifteen minutes, is a dental surgery! TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!  YOU CAN’T BEAT IT!

Yes, folks, Bugaboo will have dental surgery. He has a baby tooth that just. won’t.  budge.  And it needs to be extracted because the new tooth?  It’s not waiting around anymore and has grown impatient (and has grown in front of the baby tooth, causing a teensy problem).  To make matters even worse, his gum above that baby tooth?  Receded in the shape of a triangle and is causing some discomfort and pain. Even better? the canine next to it may or may not have a cavity. We are going to wait for the surgery to take an x-ray and do a cleaning, since he will be under anesthesia and it will be less traumatic for him.

But the beautiful part?  His disability insurance is not accepted at this dental clinic, the one for KIDS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. We have to go through the primary insurance, and it takes them about a month to approve anesthesia and oral surgery, which means he may end up with this RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS or RIGHT AFTER IT, which is his birthday.  It abso-smurfly must be done so we ain’t wasting time. The second they approve it, it will be scheduled.  And they do it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Isn’t that great?  We get our pick!  I’m sooooo looking forward to him being doped up and in pain. N.O.T.

I’m trying to look at the bright side. The time I spend in the waiting room and recovery?  I can do all the crossword puzzles and word games I want. I can read books. I can listen to my ipod!  I can TAKE A NAP!  It will actually be quite relaxing!  And if Bug Boy needs to stay over night next week?  I get to sleep through the night WITHOUT BUGABOO IN MY BED!  And!  We get to eat crappy hospital food and watch cheesy kid movies on tv!  FUN!  And if Bugaboo needs to stay over night I will die. The end.  (PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.)

3 thoughts on “It Cuts Like a Knife

  1. Angela says:

    Awww…hope it all goes very smoothly!! ((HUGS)) to you all.

  2. GeekChick says:

    Wow! You didn’t mention this when I called last night 🙂 Let’s talk…

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