Do the Math


October 31, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

2: the number of people with ear infections in my house today.

4: the amount of days it took us both to recuperate

1: eyes the husband has a sty in

1/2: amount of days Bugaboo is in school today

3: amount of extremely rude people that called Bug Boy’s calico hair “weird.”  Nevermind the fact that he was STANDING RIGHT THERE LISTENING AND GOT UPSET!

64: number on our thermostat, usually.

67: Number I put it on because I was shivering so much last night.

3: number of kids at the bus stop this morning.

12: number of kids usually at the bus stop.  Can you say,”PARADE?”

3: phone calls I’ve gotten before 8am this morning

5: hours until the party at school (I’m planning)

5: hours of sleep I got last night!  RECORD!

4: hours it took Bugaboo to fall asleep. After midnight, I might add.

3: nights I slept more than 5 hours in a month. Did I mention I need 9-10 hours a day?

0: amount of money in our bank account right now

1/3: amount of money we lost in stocks and 401K.  Ouch.

0: amount of debt we actually have over our car payment and mortgage.  Thank goodness.

1: amount of siblings STILL LIVING WITH MY PARENTS

2: amount of siblings who bravely stayed at my house last week while we went away

3: visits to the chiro this week to get my back on track

1: degenerative disc in my back

8: tasks I need to complete before Halloween party

8: hours of help from our therapist at home this week

4: number of appointments for the boys next week

4: number of appointments for me next week

2: days I will be tutoring

5: days I will be babysitting

24/7/365 days I wish for more sleep

0: days I want to trade my life for someone else’s

5 thoughts on “Do the Math

  1. 4: number of hot Jewish boys in AG life right now.
    Uncountable: how much AG adores DG

  2. natalie says:

    awww…that was too much for me. i suck at math. once my kids pass about 4th grade i send them to their dad for math help. i told my 15 year old yesterday when she said that her math was even too hard for me that i didn’t have the privilege of sitting in her class and learning it before i had to do the homework. hahahaha….math class a privilege.

    and you are right…you have a great life!

  3. Vicki says:

    Math sucks…sorry, had to say it.

    Other than that, your schedule sounds very familiar…only with mine its ENT drs and hearing specialists and neurologists and my ob appts and ultrasounds…hehe. Busy girls have all the fun though, you know?

  4. MemeGRL says:

    1: Hat delivered in time for
    2: very excited boys!

  5. RuthWells says:

    2: wicked cool stripey Halloween socks spied on DG by fellow blogger at the school parade on Friday!

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