Happiness Is…


October 2, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Sleeping in the same bed with my husband.  Except when he snores.  Then I want him to sleep someplace else. Preferably the garage.

Bugaboo sleeping regularly and only getting up once in a while for a few brief seconds.

Bug Boy doing his homework AND THEN SOME and being enthusiastic about school.  And doing his homework without complaint.  Did I mention HE’S DOING HIS HOMEWORK?

Having friends and neighbors who care about us and support us.

Having family that goes above and beyond.

Silly Family!

Planning on leftovers and the husband is happy with just cereal.  And then makes us all Baked Nachos as a treat.  Mmmmm…Nachos.

Having a husband who loves me even though I mess up.  Alot. Ok, fine! WAY TOO MUCH.

Penn State Poptarts. This needs no explanation.

They’re awfully good toasted with butter on ’em.

Having peace and quiet during my day.  Time to recharge keeps me going.  Naps help, too.

Realizing that some developmental testing does not give us an accurate picture of Bugaboo’s capabilities. Because I really don’t think he is 8 months cognitively.  Do you?

Beautiful fall weather. Gosh, it’s mighty pretty out there today. And chilly.  And fabulous.  And brrrr…did I mention the chilly part?  My toes are cold for the first time in months.

Teenagers that love to help my son and my family when they could totally be goofing off.  So sometimes I let her goof off. Because she is that awesome.  Even if she doesn’t like tomatoes. I forgive her for that.

Babies that smile and wave and walk over, happy to see me.   Even if it does produce my first let-down reflex in three years.   Oops. (yes, there’s still milk. I’m one of the LUCKY ONES.)

Finding MY brand of jeans, my beloved Saturday Jeans, in PERFECT condition for less than $5 at Goodwill. After passing fifty designer pairs in a size 2, which totally ticked me off ’cause after having babies my hips ain’t ever gonna be there again, freaking skinny teenagers. Oops, did I say that out loud?  My bad.


Yes, it’s a sweet potato.


Three weeks until we have THREE DAYS OF ALONE TIME!  HUZZAH!

Today is a great day, tomorrow’s looking pretty awesome, too.

4 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. RuthWells says:

    That sweet potato looks like a mourning dove!

    Right now, for me, happiness is knowing that the political season is almost over…. (but baked nachos would work, too. Just sayin’.)

  2. Trace says:

    That’s one monster sweet potato. Have an awesome, wonderfully romantic getaway, with lots of personal time.

  3. Can I have Thanksgiving with your family this year? I heart three/fourths of the back row. I don’t think I know the first 1/4th.

  4. Geek Chick says:

    Uh, no. Bugaboo is not 8 months. Unless they are talking in Vulcan years – so that makes him about 7 cognitively. See? It’s all in the interpretation!

    Totally love this weather too. And the family pic is great. I WANT a copy. Actually, both of them.

    You rock. Let’s plan a trip to Linvilla?

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