I’m So Happy It’s Monday!


September 29, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

I know y’all think I’m off my rocker for saying it, but Monday is my favorite day of the week.  Things are sooooo much quieter around here this morning.  This weekend was rather hectic and I am enjoying the silence.  Allow me to explain (because you know I will and there ain’t a thing you can do about it).

My sister was up from Virginny this week and I had the great delight of stealing her son a few times to play and hang out at my house.  He is one sweet little red-haired soul and I wanna keep him forever.  His brother is a bit of a precocious and wild one (take Bugaboo’s behavior mixed with Bug Boy’s incessant chatter and you have my nephew) but red-head is saaaaa-weet.  And I mean, SWEET.  He’s just a lovely young lad, quiet and respectful, full of affection. That’s why I wanna keep him.  But for some reason, my sister wanted to take him home. Sigh.

Saturday my sister and her son came over for dinner, along with my other two sisters and their kids (and one of their dogs).  And then my brother (WHO STILL LIVES WITH MY PARENTS) and his girlfriend and her son showed up with their dog.  And then my brother and his pregnant fiance (no dog for them).  And then all that was missing was my brother, the cop, so I called him(he doesn’t have a dog) and invited him as well.  The next thing you knew all seven of us were in my house, along with eight children.  And three dogs. Yeah, it was a little crazy.  And loud.  And chaotic.  But lovely.  Did I mention it was loud?  It was LOUD.  And Chaotic.  But something tells me I already said that.  Then I looked at the clock and realized the husband was getting off of a plane after traveling ALL DAY in the pouring rain and was up since four am that morning and would just be thrilled to walk into all of that chaos.  ‘Cause he grew up with one sibling and ain’t used to all that yelling and laughing and arguing (don’t get me started on my Virginney sister and her political rantings) and woulda died on the spot.  But it was a blast, so I woulda revived him and kept him a while longer.

I spent most of the weekend on the couch or in bed due to the fact that the dreadful disc in my back is acting up again. Apparently it does not want to stay aligned with my vertebrae and decided to try to make a break for it, bulging and pressing on my nerves. And, because it is my sacral disc (as in, the last one deep down into my butt) it causes weird issues, such as me walking at a thirty degree angle, butt muscle spasms and one leg appearing shorter than the other.  This is fun because of Bugaboo. You know, like HE WAS SICK AND HAD MORE ENERGY THAN I’VE EVER SEEN.  I mean, he couldn’t camp out on the couch and snuggle and watch those dreadful train videos.  OH NO!  He had to get into a bottle of bug spray and pour it on the ottoman (organic and natural, thank heavens), coffee grounds, bottles of soap, carpet cleaner, toilet water, lotion and dog water, just to name a few.  It was non-stop fun.  And luckily for me, the Awesome Teenager across the street was avoiding her grandmother and was bored out of her mind and WANTED to hang out with Bugaboo.  All I had to do was listen to her describe the plot of a sci-fi story she’s writing and feed her once in a while. That’s the cool thing about teenagers. You let them eat and surf the Internet and they’re all happy-like.  But this one’s different.  She’s a special teenager.  An almost-not-a-teen-because-she’s-brilliant-and-awesome-sort.

Bugaboo has been getting worse at bedtime.  Once he’s asleep it’s a no brainer. But getting him to sleep? Different story.  Last night was hours of screaming, refusing to go to his room, refusing to stay in my bed, refusing to sleep on the couch. I was ready to hang him from the beamed ceiling by his eyeballs. Somehow I think I’d get in trouble for that.  Needless to say, he was in a Bug-bite mood. As in, Bugaboo bites. As in, I have a huge welt on my quad (hurts much more than, say, a shoulder or forearm where I have absolutely no meat) with teeth marks.  Grrrrrr…he hadn’t bitten anyone in weeks.  We’re gonna chalk it up to the runny nose thing and leave it at that.

Which brings us to today. I have to leave in five minutes to get to Bug Boy’s school to volunteer.  I haven’t showered or washed up yet. I’m thinking I might do that before I go.  After that I’m gonna attempt to buy some sort of sustenance for us for the week, although I am currently turned off from food and only want to drink (just tea, don’t worry).  I might even fold the three loads of laundry currently taking up residence on my bedroom floor.  And I might try to clear out the sink and vacuum, since I couldn’t move for three days. And it shows.  So don’t you dare plan on stopping by here, y’all. I won’t let you in.  Don’t care if you bring potatoes, it ain’t gonna happen. Ok, I lied. For potatoes I’ll let you stand in the foyer with your eyes closed. But you aren’t getting any further than that.

4 thoughts on “I’m So Happy It’s Monday!

  1. RuthWells says:

    Good lord, woman. Can you get a nap today, at least?

  2. Sounds like a fun family time! I heart your family.

  3. HG says:

    You need a live-in nanny. Can you convince awesome teenager to become your au-pair? 🙂

  4. GeekChick says:

    How about MASHED potatoes? Can I get into the kitchen for those? Or, twice baked? yummmmm…

    Saturday was FUN and totally chaotic. Just like always when our family gets together. Hope your back is feeling real good today.

    Can I get a copy of the pic you have on your camera? I want to see it! Gracias, merci beucoup.

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