Don’t Worry, I Haven’t Fallen Off a Cliff or Anything


September 22, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Truth be told, life has just gotten in the way recently.  I haven’t had any time to goof off (and yes, I consider blawgging goofing off) and I have been concentrating on getting our lives back to normal (however feeble that attempt). Since June, our lives have been consumed by one major crises or another. I’m happy that school is back in session and things are calming down.

The honeymoon period is over. I’ve already gotten several calls and e-mails from Bug Boy’s teacher and support teacher.  We’re trying to work a few things out to see if Bug Boy responds and has an easier time.  Right now he’s “bored” and “distracted” and “too tired to work” (all his words) and he’s downright defiant. I do NOT like this side of him at all.  In fact, I’ll take the whiney-but-compliant side any day over the, “Nah.  I’m too tired to do that. I’m not doing it.” version.  The plus side?  Last year it took over an hour to write three sentences. This year he comes home and writes PARAGRAPHS.  I mean, LOOOOOOONG ones.  In ten minutes!  HUZZAH!

Bugaboo settled in to  school nicely this week.  He jumped right in where he left off five weeks previously and never looked back. He is happy, smiley and cooperative at school, much of the same at home. Problem is that he is freaking destructive at home and gets himself into some trouble, due to the fact that he is a little bored himself.  Five weeks at home will do that, people.  Side note: did you know it is nearly impossible to vacuum up an entire canister of unseasoned breadcrumbs from your carpet or linoleum and that you will have it on your feet and all over the house for days?  I do. Funny how I find those things out.

The husband. Oh….the husband. Where to start?  He’s been in a fowl mood, y’all (yes, I wrote fowl mood.  Instead of foul mood. Just seeing if y’all are paying attention.).  It is September and this is usually the time of year he goes into hissy-fit mode because the holidays are approaching and he grew up po’ and has bad memories associated with the holidays and basically doesn’t even want to celebrate them.  This is also the time of year we get into tons of arguments over money and budget and such because I haven’t worked all summer and so there is no surplus for extra fun things. This is also the time of year that I make him go back to the doc for a physical and to change his medication.  In about two weeks I expect that to calm down.  Right around the time we go on our anniversary trip to the little cabin in the woods and sleep and eat ourselves silly.

And me?  DG?  I’m just trying to get back to basics around here. After having Bug Boy home all summer and Bugaboo home for five weeks this place is a disaster. I spent the rest of last week playing catch-up and finding a way to get my daily cleaning done.  I spent the weekend doing some deep cleaning (which will continue today) and cooking for my mother, who just got home from a two-week vacation at Club Hospital.  This week I plan on reorganizing closets (yet again. Please think of me.) and doing fall chores, like wiping windowsills and getting rid of clutter.

Happy Autumn Equinox, y’all!

One thought on “Don’t Worry, I Haven’t Fallen Off a Cliff or Anything

  1. BOSSY says:

    Yikes. Bossy feels your pain; it can be quite exhausting at times, neh?

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