Who Woulda Thunk It


September 10, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

This is amazing…

This morning I have completed all menial tasks, I’ve gotten dishes and laundry out of the way, school bags packed, house straightened and I’m ready to start the day with my cup of tea.  You see, when you wake up at FOUR-FREAKING-THIRTY it is possible to get several hours of work done!  You, too, can make this happen!  Just set your alarm earlier!  Next time you complain about not having time to get everything done, just remember that waking up at FOUR-FREAKING-THIRTY gives you plenty of time to get everything done. After the hour-long screaming meltdown is finished, that is.

See, in order for my boy to sleep he has to actually take his meds. It seems that the boy is pretty darn smaht and notices that he gets drowsy when he takes them, so he has been balking at taking them.  I can usually get about half in him before he dozes off.  Then he’s awake full of VIM, VIGOR AND VITALITY and ready to start the day.  Before the rest of the eastern seaboard and the roosters.  Little bugger.

Good news? He’s back to sleep. Bad news? My alarm has gone off and now I’ve got to get in the shower.  Good news? My tea is ready.  Bad news?  He’s home until Monday.  Good news?  He has two hours of therapy slated for today.  Bad news? I have to drive him there.

Good news?  I’m getting out of the house for parent meetings tonight.  Win-win.

2 thoughts on “Who Woulda Thunk It

  1. Anjali says:

    Ugh. Hope you can get in a quick nap during therapy.

  2. Yay for really expensive therapy!

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