I Know I Should be Packing, But…


August 14, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

I have zero motivation today.

I really do want to go on this trip, I’m just so stinkin’ tired.  The majority of it is packed. I just have last minute items to scoop up and the house to straighten and vac. We’ll pack the car tonight when it is cooler and the kids are in bed (and won’t be running in and out).  The dog will go to her doggie spa (neighbor’s house) this afternoon before dinner.  Hopefully, Bugaboo will cease unpacking what I’ve packed.  He doesn’t quite understand that MOMMY MIGHT BITE HIS HEAD OFF if he touches one more blinking thing. I can’t fault him, really. He likes everything in its place.  That’s so, well, organized of him.  This is the child who puts all of the chairs back in their respective rooms when I’m setting the table for company.  I turn around to put the plates on the table and he’s taken them all back in thirty seconds. Gotta love him.

Bug Boy is super-anxious about this trip. He is excited, for sure, but he has a teensy little issue with transitions. Our best bet is to keep him well-fed and well-rested and as far away from technological devices as possible. That said, we’ve packed his favorite DVDs for when I can’t take one more blinking minute of, “Mom.  There’s a red jeep. Red’s my favorite color.  Daddy had a jeep but we sold it to Mike.  It’s black.  Mike jacked it up and put a soft top on it.  Does Mike have a pool?  Can we go ride Mike’s jeep?  I am not driving until I’m eighteen. I’m never moving out of the house, even if I go to college. I’ll miss you guys too much.  Can I live here forever?  Can Bugaboo?  Can I paint my room red?  Red is my favorite color…”

And when Bugaboo gets antsy I’ve made Cds of his favorite music (Mozart, chant) and we are (unfortunately) bringing THOMAS, since that’s the only freaking thing he watches right now. The same DVD. Over and over.   Sigh.  This is why the husband and I have loaded the iPods, see…

And plenty of migraine medication.  But we’d better get all the caffeine and alcohol drunk now.  You know, Utah and all that…

2 thoughts on “I Know I Should be Packing, But…

  1. You guys are going to have a blast! Sit back and enjoy because the vacation is going to be wonderful. It just is!

  2. Jacki says:

    I agree with AD….and if you forgot to pack something you can always buy it!

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