Our Weekend, a Pictorial Review


July 28, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

How was our weekend?  Observe:

We took doggies for walks.  They whined during thunderstorms and hid behind couches.

And took dips in baby pools. Did I say baby pools?  I meant, DOGGY POOLS. My bad.

We harvested some of our very own tomaters.  Yummy.

We ate them, too.

We found all kinds of crazy stuff under the couch (it’s been barely a month since the last time I moved the couch), so we used this to clean it up:

No, silly. Not the dump truck or bubble mower. THE VACUUM.

I did TONS of laundry. Fine, not TONS.  Four loads.  Oh, and sheets and towels are down there now.

And I folded nearly everything and put it away.

We spent some gift certs. In fact, we spent THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of gift certs, before they expired.  And thanks to someone else’s generosity, we have some new books, some new shoes, and my secret weapon to bring on the trip for when Bug Boy begins melting down (MWAHAHAHAHA!).

Lightning struck the ground, created an electric fire and we all got to watch it from my window for an hour.

And BOY OH BOY, that was an angry little electric line.  HOT.

Daddy and Bugaboo did what they do best.  They mowed the lawn in bare feet.

Because we’re all about safety ’round these parts.

And then we woke up and it was Monday morning. Daddy went to work. Bugaboo didn’t technically wake up.  He rolled out of bed, got dressed and I found him here waiting for his bus:

Let’s just say he is not a morning person.  You know, for the sake of argument.

So tell me, how was your weekend?  What did you do?

5 thoughts on “Our Weekend, a Pictorial Review

  1. Anjali says:


    (for the tomatoes. not the laundry)

  2. Could I just get a clarity — is it who I did or what what I did?

  3. That last photo is sooo cute. I almost want to print it myself and pass it off as my kid. But that would be weird.

  4. Jacki says:

    I love that last photo. He’s adorable! Our weekend was spent running around Denmark. It was terriffic.

  5. Now we know why hubby loves to cut grass. It’s the riding mower. The suburban tractor.

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