How My Garden GREW (and the FABULOUS AWARD details)


July 25, 2008 by Marj Hatzell


Well, here’s the thing.  I really thought it would take until August for the sunflower heads to appear and that the sunflowers would just keep getting taller and taller (and reach maximum height of eleven feet, since that’s what happened last year).  Then I remembered that last summer we had much cooler days, barely any sun, tons of rain…and that may be why things grew the way they did.

So this week it was HOT.  Darn HOT.  FREAKING HOT.  Then we had some massive storms. Then yesterday it was cool and pleasant and basically no humidity (rare here).  And there was much rejoicing (yea).  And this morning I ventured out to measure these bad boys:

They are even bigger than they were the other day.  This week’s weather was obviously conducive to growing sunflowers, y’all.   But I noticed something.  The heads are blooming. Which means they won’t get taller. Which means although guesses end today, by tomorrow the heads will make the plant droop.  Kinda like sunflower osteoporosis.  I went ahead an measured them.  I think this is the final day of growth.  Which screws up my whole contest.  In fact, some of y’all guessed based on them growing for another month and knowing that they were so freaking tall last year.

What can I say, I’m a failure at Internet contests.  I’m no PW.

Now, I know y’all are dying to know how tall they were, so I’m gonna tell you. I said that the person who came closest (even if they go over) will be the winner of the FABULOUS AWARD:

And the person who came closest, with a guess of 10 1/2 feet, or 126 inches, would be AG.  Because the sunflower, stretched straight and measured (I almost killed myself standing on the fence to do this, you’d better appreciate this award) was 116 1/2 inches, yo.  I kid you not.  That’s, like, nine feet eight-and-one-half inches, for those of you not so good at math.  Wow.

Next time I do a give-away, I’m gonna do it with something easy to guess. Like, how many times Bugaboo poo’d in the tub or how many chocolate chip granola bars he consumes in one day.  At least that is consistent.

4 thoughts on “How My Garden GREW (and the FABULOUS AWARD details)

  1. Angela says:

    Oly moly that’s a big sunflower! Post some pics when they bloom! Congrats to AG!

  2. Thanks, Angela and all.

    I would like to thank the academy for this award…

    No really. I had sunflowers back in Amherst. They grew 15 feet tall! Heart those dollies.

    I am so using this for my Chanukah gifts next year!!!!!!

  3. Nadine says:

    You’ve got some HUGE plants! I want to try sunflowers too next year.

  4. I laughed at “I’m no PW.” I didn’t even realize that I had forgotten the sunflowers this year until I read the original post of this. So yeah, maybe mine would be nice and tall if they weren’t still seeds in the package.

    And you might be on to something with poop-themed contests.

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