How’s This for Irony? (Oh Yeah, Get Your Guesses in By Friday am!)


July 23, 2008 by Marj Hatzell


The Bugaboo, he went to the bathroom yesterday. And he went. And he went. And he went some more.  And he ate and went to bed and  SURPRISE!  He slept through the night (although he was difficult to settle down, he DID fall asleep and SLEPT ALL NIGHT!).  In the middle of the night, say, 2am?  We got a hum-dinger of a storm. It was so loud the walls felt like they were shaking.  It was so bright I could see the color of the walls.  And the doggies?  They were up the entire time, shaking, whininy, pacing and drooling. I spent TWO HOURS CALMING THE FREAKING DOGS so that they wouldn’t wake the rest of the house up.  And the kids?  The ones that normally scream through thunder storms?  Didn’t even stir. Didn’t move one iota.  But me?  UP WITH THE DOGS.  And then Shad Roe wet herself because she was so freaked out.  Sigh.

After the day I had yesterday (Bugaboo up all night, then got sent home sick from school, which means i missed my nap AND didn’t get a shower AND the dog puked in the car AND I found out the husband was going away for several days for business, leaving me along with cranky kids and peeing dogs AND I got stuck in sucky traffic AND I found out that I have to make up the therapy sessions we miss on vacation because we have to pay for them anyways, AND I was late getting dinner out AND the stinking fresh raviolis popped open while they were boiling AND the garlic toast burnt AND my tomatoes fell over, due to the fact that they are FREAKING HUGE and weigh about ninety pounds each AND Bugaboo didn’t want to go to bed AND I still didn’t get a shower) let’s just say I had a teensy meltdown.  That’s when I realized, about early evening-ish, that I forgot to take my happy pill.  DOH!  No wonder I was having a bit of trouble handling things and my head hurt and my world was spinning.  Sheesh.

This morning I headed to Wahn Tuh-poe (Bug Boy used to call it that) to get new, freakishly huge tomato stakes and twine that won’t break from heavy freaking tomatoes and fixed my babies up. That’s when I noticed how freakishly huge the sunflowers were getting. And I measured them, again.  And you won’t believe how freaking big they are.  If you got your guesses in to tell me how tall you think they are, great. If not, MAKE YOUR GUESSES ALREADY. I want your guesses by Friday, I’ll measure them weekly, then August 14th I’ll announce who won.  So far, six folks have entered:

Ruth – 8’2″

Angela – 8′ 1 3/4 ”

Kathy – 8’6″

AG – 10 1/2′

OK, Where was I? – 8’8″

Bernice – 11″

i will tell you that last year, we hit the eleven feet mark. That’s all I’m sayin’ ’bout that.  And the winner gets THIS MAJOR AWARD:

I know you are all dying to have it.  So, get your guesses in by Friday, 9am EDT, just because I know folks like to have exact deadlines and all that jazz.  And if you really, really don’t wanna have that book, guess anyway because IT’S!  FUN!  TO! GUESS!  And I’ll give the book to someone else. Or I’ll keep it.  You never know when I’ll need to cook potato casserole for sixteen people.

5 thoughts on “How’s This for Irony? (Oh Yeah, Get Your Guesses in By Friday am!)

  1. Jenny M says:

    I guess I will try a guess. Since they went to 11′ last year, I will guess 11’6 in. I love your blog. Jenny M.

  2. Janice says:

    12 feet

  3. MamaBit says:

    Is it cheating for me to come over and stand next to the sunflowers before I guess? 🙂

    Probably, huh?

    Oh I am SO glad that Bugaboo was finally able to go.

  4. Wait, now you are giving hints from last year? That is kind of unfair to those who already guessed and really, really want that cookbook!!!

    Sorry about your day. It sounded demanding.

    Big hug!!!

  5. That is so wrong that you have to make up therapy. Health care is not a commodity like airplane tickets. If you have paid, you can get a refund or resched.


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