Just Your Typical Weekend


July 14, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

It’s Monday already?  Time sure flies when you are having fun!  And by fun, I mean:

  • we spent the afternoon at a crowded aquarium with Bugaboo while he attempted to jump into sea lion and hippo tanks
  • Bug Boy had a sleep-over, Mini-me (my niece) spent the weekend here (and so did Middle Child, The Actress and Little Miss)
  • I managed to pop my THIRD TIRE on a curb headed to the local swim club with our neighbors as guests (and Darling was not amused)
  • Bugaboo broke our solid oak entertainment center door (and Darling was still not amused and kicked a hole in the wall to prove it)
  • The girls told all the neighbors we were getting divorced (totally not true)
  • Bug Boy heard the girls telling people we were getting divorced and FREAKED OUT
  • I had the entire neighborhood of children in my backyard or basement for most of the weekend and have the lost shoes and trash to prove it
  • Bugaboo learned to climb the fence.
  • Bugaboo went missing four times and once ended up in a house half a block down in the SHOWER.  As in he walked into someone’s house, walked upstairs and turned on the shower. Yeah, that was a little scary.  Picture it: me walking up and down the street in my bathrobe, with wet hair and soap running down my legs, screaming his name.  Good times.

In other words, nothing out of the ordinary.

In addition, we celebrated my sister’s fortieth birthday very simply with a family gathering and SHE was there, which was totally awesome.  And my parents stayed TWO HOURS instead of the usual ONE, which is a new world record!  SOMEONE CALL GUINNESS!

But by far, the best part of my weekend was taking the boys and the dog for a walk last night.  The day was quite warm and we were sweaty, plus there was a teensy bit of stress.  I made Bug Boy go with me while his Daddy cleaned up drywall (part of the aforementioned kicking-the-wall incident) and he and I were able to chat and bond while he pushed Bugaboo in the stroller and I was dragged down the street by the world’s worst dog-on-a-leash.  Whenever we walk as a family, and I comment on how nice the weather is, or how beautiful someone’s garden or home is, Darling always states, “But not as beautiful as you!”  And as cheesy as it sounds, his smile tells me he means it.  So this evening, Bug Boy and I were without Darling (as he cleaned up the freaking drywall) and chatted about our weekend and giggled and pointed things out.  And then I said, “Gosh, that breeze feels GREAT!  The weather is so nice this evening!  It’s GORGEOUS!”  To which Bug Boy smiled and replied, “But Mom, it’s not as nice and beautiful as you are!”

That boy learns fast, eh?  He knows how to make his momma feel better.

Later on, we gave the boys baths and I ran around cleaning up toys and getting clothes out for the next day.  I told Bugaboo it was time for bed and he went RIGHT TO HIS ROOM AND CLIMBED INTO BED. I’m not sure if he is getting sick or had a momentary lapse of judgement, but he WENT RIGHT TO BED.  This parenting stuff works sometimes!  Anyways, I leaned over to kiss him good night (which he usually cringes at but will smile and give me a high-five and I said, “Give Momma a kiss!”  And he usually wrinkles his nose and allows me to kiss his forehead.  But this time, he threw his arms around my neck and pressed his cute little lips against my cheek.  A REAL KISS!  Rare and priceless, I tells ya. That sort of thing doesn’t happen very often.

So the weekend ended up swell after all…

3 thoughts on “Just Your Typical Weekend

  1. My fav is the part where the kids tell everyone you are getting divorced. That was hillarious. Hillarious! (OK, well to me, but for you — not so much.) From the mouths of the babes…

    Good seeing you and those kids are priceless. I really enjoyed how sweet your family is and well behaved all those kiddos are. And soooo cute!

  2. RuthWells says:

    Wait — who was in the shower, you or Bugaboo? I’z confused!

  3. Maddy says:

    Forget the smoochies! How about ‘climb the fence’, what a coup, what a superhero! Bet you were just thrilled, although not necessarily your blood pressure.

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