Filchin’ It Old Skool


July 11, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

I’m actually doing this Filch-it Friday thing. AGAIN!  Can you believe it? That’s, like, twice now.  So here it goes:

I’m filching from Bossy, since she’s smarter than me and funnier and cool as sh*t. I kid you not. She’s awesome, I’ve met her.   I’m filching her Ten-word Tuesday. Yes, I’m aware it’s Friday.  I think Five-word-Friday is too short, don’t you?  Fifteen-word-Friday might be too long.  Ok, FINE!  FIFTEEN WORD FRIDAY IT IS!

Today I’m gonna take Ms. Lucy’s suggestion and talk about things that drive me insane.  Like, faded ribbon magnets on cars.  Replace them already!  Get a new one!  We can’t even tell what color it is or what you are supporting, yo.  No!  FIFTEEN RIBBON MAGNETS ON CARS!  I mean, I get it, you are supportive of soldiers and breast cancer and autism and the humane society and AIDS and parasitic twins and all that, but do you need fifteen of them?  Or worse yet, THE CIRCLES WITH THE LETTERS IN THEM!  I spend WAAAAAY too much time at red lights trying to figure them out.  C’mon!  I’m good at Wheel O’Fortune!  What the heck is “CS” anyways?  Or “LBI?”  ( I did figure that one out.)  IT’S STOOOPID!

Whew. That felt better.  Isn’t it great to get stuff off of your chest?  Cathartic, I tells ya.

So, dear readers reader. please tell me in fifteen words EXACTLY (yes, exactly.  I’m the fifteen word police.) what your pet peeves are?  I’ll go first:

Cheap plastic flowers in  gardens in front of pretty houses is sooooo seventies, dearest neighbors!


You drive like a moron because there is a cell phone stuck to your ear.


Picking noses at red lights has to be the most disgusting thing.  Husband is guilty.


People who let their kids run around nekkid should get their heads examined.  Who, me?

See?  It feels good.  Now go tell your friends and neighbors to stop by and vent their frustrations. I don’t care if it is toothpicks at the diner or shopping carts with dirty handles or folks who leave their turn signals on, tell them to get on over here and release their anger.  It’s all good.  It’ll be just our little secret.

And do me a favor? Don’t tell my neighbor to stop by here?  You know, the one who yells at the kids for drawing on the sidewalk with chalk?  ‘Cause it’s not like rain washes it away, or anything…

12 thoughts on “Filchin’ It Old Skool

  1. Plastic anything is never a good idea with lawn care or home decor.

  2. Judy M. from Catonsville says:

    People who blow their horns when stuck in traffic — like, what’s that going to do??!!

    15 words exactly and my first time commenting, I think.

    Judy M. from Catonsville

  3. Trace says:

    People who talk on their cell phone in the super market or the cash register.

  4. MemeGRL says:

    Th*mas the T*nk Eng*ne songs stuck in my head all day. My fault for buying.

    Being in the middle of catfights at work that have nothing to do with me.

    Organic produce rotting on the bottom of the produce drawer because I don’t have recipes.

    Nine hundred dollar car repair bills every single time I go for an oil change.

    Wow, what a series of first-world problems I have! I should quit my whining.

  5. […] is apparently Filch it Friday, something I was unaware of previously. My friend, Domestic Goddess, got this from someone else, and I’m filching it from […]

  6. romancechick says:

    I filched this from you and posted three to my blog! It was pretty hard, DG!

  7. Synia says:

    People standing in the middle of the grocery store isle looking bewildered and blocking traffic!!

    People on cell phones driving ten miles an hour and almost causing accidents. Get OFF! (opps, I guess that one was covered LOL)

    Parents that allow kids to run free in the store knocking everything off the shelf!

    People that talk loudly during a movie asking “what happened?” or “Did you see that?”.
    We are all looking at the gynormous screen buddy!
    (ok that was a lot more than 15…sorry)

    I could probably go on, but it is too early for me to think. LOL

  8. Lucy Tascone says:

    Whew! It’s nice to know I am not the only one who noticed the fading magnets. I knew I could count on you DG. Thank you.

    My peeve –

    moms who put children into an age specific program when still too young. Not fair!

  9. Angela says:

    Agreed…what is wrong with driving a car without talking on the phone, feeling like the bumper HAS to be decorated and without feeling like no one can see you pick your nose, put on makeup, etc….

    • Luka says:

      Democrats? My Dad and his pals are stauch Michigan Republicans all with crarees in the auto industry. They despise Obama and liberals but think the auto bailout and the Volt are great. Go figure. I’m over 50 they, the honored ones, are in their 70s and I’m not going to lecture them in psychobable about cognative dissonance like I would have back in 1982. I guess the old guys are just RINOs after all? But what about the free market, Dad? At least Romney gets it.

  10. Jacki says:

    A pet peeve of mine….

    drivers who continue driving on the shoulder when the merge lane has ended, just because they want to get ahead of one more car.

    Was that more than 15? Sorry…

  11. Isn’t that a plastic doll by the first comment that says plastic anything is never a good idea?

    Co-workers who don’t know how to say hello in the morning (the receptionist, no less.)

    Little old ladies (and men) who drive slow while looking THROUGH the steering wheel…and insist on shopping in the evening or on weekends instead of during weekdays when the stores are less crowded.

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