Procrastination: It’s What’s For Dinner


June 17, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

I don’t intend to do a thing today, and so far I am right on schedule.

I come from a family of over-achievers and motivated workers. We don’t just work, we work a ridiculous amount.  We never stop moving.  ENERGY!  MOTIVATION!  MOVEMENT!  The problem with being so manic is that eventually the CRASH AND BURN occurs. And boy, does it ever.

I think part of the reason I can procrastinate like no other is because I know that once I get going, there ain’t no stopping. I just cannot stop in the middle of something. I HAVE to finish. It makes me CRAZY to be in the middle of a project and know that I cannot finish it.  That’s why I make a feeble attempt at cleaning my house from top to bottom when I know Bugaboo is going to be home for an extended period. I know that I’ll be lucky to keep up with the laundry, dishes and picking up rooms while he’s home.  He requires a bit of supervision, see.  Or else we end up having to steam carpets and furniture to rid them of things like poo or shredded cheese or brownies or…and it’s not like I don’t already clean and mop the floors from juice stains and from Bugaboo’s frequent trips to the toilet, where he gets the bathroom cup and uses it like a dipper and drinks from that very toilet.   Sorry, was that TMI?  My bad.

I will tell you that there is one thing I do NOT procrastinate about.  My kids.  Nope.  Can’t do it.  I have to be on the ball, ready to go, scheduled and organized. They have multiple appointments, therapies and evaluations that take up a large portion of our time.  I can’t “put off” that stuff.  Too important. Plus, I’m pretty sure I’d be accused of being a bad parent.  A bad parent who lets her kids run nekkid in the yard eating Popsicles and skipping baths and sleeping with feet so dirty I thought they were tan.

5 thoughts on “Procrastination: It’s What’s For Dinner

  1. I think everything about my parenting style and everything I’ll want to remember about this time in our lives can be summed up in their dirty summer feet. In bed. When they “should have” had a bath. So I say, Good for you.

    OMG, the bathroom cup as a dipper in the toilet is LOL.

  2. Bad parent?

    No, that would be Andrea Yates or George H.W. Bush. Not you!

  3. illusivejoy says:

    WOW can I relate to this post. I love the first line. And THANK YOU for finally helping me figure out why I procrastinate. I also get going and work myself until I almost fall over dead….for some reason I find comfort that somebody understands 🙂

  4. Jacki says:

    Your love for your boys is so evident no one could accuse you of being a bad parent!!

  5. Yeah, what Jacki said. 🙂

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