Blood-Sucking Leeches


June 12, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

I’m gonna be drained today.

I’m headed to the doctor in a short time to have a physical and blood work, something that hasn’t been done in eighteen months. I know, I know, I’m supposed to go every year.  At least I go see the Gynecologist yearly. Not that you need to hear about my hoo-ha.  But if you wanna hear about my hoo-ha, let me know. I don’t like to disappoint my readers. All two of you.

I’ve been exhausted lately.  I know you are thinking, “GEE. I THINK I KNOW WHY.”  But seriously?  I’ve had no energy. The last time I felt like this I had mono four years ago.  No amount of sleep made me feel better and I lost tons of weight and was severely anemic on top of it. So I’m gonna go get it checked out.  Now, those of you that know me IRL know that I tend to be a teensy bit energetic.  In fact, I’m sure I have a little too much energy.  I’m also sure I drive people nuts because I never stop moving (or talking) and I’m all, “HEY!  Let’s go paint that room and rearrange the furniture!  I think tomorrow I’ll spend six hours gutting the closets!  WOOHOO!”  And normally that’s true. But the past two weeks I’m all, “Gee.  I think I’ll just sleep instead of running the vacuum. The dirt ain’t going anywhere.  Zzzzzzzz…”  and that totally ain’t my M.O, yo.

I’m prepared to get the lecture, “You need sleep and you need to relax. Join a parent group. Take vitamins.  You’ve lost too much weight. Oh yeah, let’s take some blood.”  And I’m doing all of those things up there. Exercising a decent amount. Eating better than I ever have (a salad a day keeps the bowels moving, y’all.  Not that you want to hear about my poo. But if you do, let me know. I don’t like to disappoint.) and sleeping eight hours a night PLUS naps.  Really!  I’m doing it!  Usually I have one of these slumps in the winter when I haven’t gotten enough light (S.A.D. much?).  I’m getting it checked out.  Aren’t you proud of me?  I didn’t put it off!  I didn’t procrastinate!  I’m going to the doctor!  HUZZAH!

Now, someone hold me.  Today is the last day I am flying solo. It is also the last day that Bugaboo has school for over three weeks.  It is also Bug Boy’s last full day.  It is also the last day I babysit my neighbor’s kids until September.  I’m gonna need to stay REALLY busy.  Really, REALLY busy….

9 thoughts on “Blood-Sucking Leeches

  1. Trace says:

    You energetic? Never.

  2. natalie says:

    i wish i had your normal energy sometimes! i have tons of stuff i need to get done, and well…i just am not getting it done. it would totally help me shed those last 10 pounds i want to shed if i would just make myself move all the time. i know that would work! as it is i prefer my lazy lethargic self. tomorrow is our last day of school so having all 4 kids at home might help too. here’s hoping!

  3. RuthWells says:

    I am proud of you for getting it checked out. Don’t let the doc patronize you, pat you on the head, and tell you to get more rest. You know your body, and you know when something’s not right.

  4. You’ll do great at your appointment. No need to worry.

  5. Well, I’m always up for a good hoo-ha story. So feel free. And I haven’t been to the doctor since I was pregnant, so I’m very impressed. Hope it goes well.

  6. Jacki says:

    I haven’t had a physical….ever.

  7. Anjali says:

    Gee, I don’t think I’ve ever had a physical, either. I didn’t know you needed one aside from the routine GYN appointment. Hmmmm. Must look into this…

  8. Kelly says:

    I’ll cross my fingers for you, that you get an answer but that it’s nothing serious.

  9. So, how did you make out at the doctor’s visit?

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