What Should I Tell You?


June 3, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

So…I’m several days behind on posting (and housework and laundry and mopping and…) but the good news is that my sister is in her own home and settled.  I could write for DAYS about all of the stuff that happened this weekend (mostly good) but instead of that?  I’ll give you a choice.  Do you want to hear about:

  1. My selfish sister-in-law
  2. The pouring rain that began before the movers were finished
  3. The awesome deal on dishes that my sister and I found at TARZHAY
  4. How Bugaboo christened her son’s room. And by christened, I mean he shat all over Dino Boy’s room.  Only a week after he christened my other sister’s bathroom and daughter’s room.  And how I really, REALLY need to get this potty training thing done
  5. How my husband is certifiably insane but spent three days straight fixing everything in sight that he had tools for, and then went to buy tools to fix a few more things.
  6. How my husband is certifiably insane because he cut back the forest encroaching on my sister’s back yard (there really is a forest there) and was waist deep in Poison Ivy and hacked back eight feet of that and sprayed it with Ivy Killer and got one spot on his leg. One teeny spot on his leg.  Me?  Stayed ten feet away from it at all times and got it on my neck, and I didn’t touch my husband or his clothes or anything…
  7. IKEA and the bedrail.  Dang nabbit.  But at least we got meatballs.
  8. Poor, neglected Shad Roe the dog. She was home by herself for three days (for about six hours a day) and was NOT amused.
  9. The amount of housework I have to do right now
  10. Bug Boy needs ten hours of sleep and should go to bed by eight. He ain’t pretty at eleven o’clock at night after playing Wii for about eight hours with his cousins while the mommies unpacked about fifty boxes.

Go ahead. Pick.

7 thoughts on “What Should I Tell You?

  1. RuthWells says:

    Number 1, please.

    And, can I borrow your husband? There is so much to fix in my house that I can’t even look at it….

  2. I say #1. However, they are all interesting to me.

    I am delighted to know your sister has moved and is in her new home.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’ll take number 1 as well. I’m always interested in family dynamics.

  4. Margaret says:

    As I have my own selfish sister in law, I choose #1! (Although expansion on any of the topics sounds like a good read!)

  5. Jacki says:

    How about #1? That sound slike a juicy story.

  6. Cara says:

    Looks like everyone wants to hear about #1. Sister-in-laws can be tough, hope it wasn’t to bad.

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