Worst Night of Sleep With the Best Possible Outcome


May 22, 2008 by Marj Hatzell


About that little meltdown yesterday. Ahem. Well, it’s over. I feel better. MUCH BETTER.  And even though I’m going on three-to-four hours of sleep right now (I require nine or more to function) I feel much better. Kinda like, when you are all stressed out it feels better to cry. Or when you have a stomach virus it feels better to puke your guts up.   I feel like I puked up five-years-worth of resentment and anger. Now I feel refreshed. Amazing how that happens, huh?

So.  The sleep study.  Bugaboo did not require restraining.  He sat on the edge of the bed and whined while the sleep lab technician hooked him up.  She was able to hook the electrodes to his head, the sensors to his chest, legs and back AND wrap his head to keep the sensors from falling off.  He didn’t freak out. He cried a bit (think wailing siren)  but was mostly cooperative. Until they put the CO2 sensor in his nose.  Let’s just say he wasn’t too fond of that. Not too fond at all. In fact?  They DID put no-no’s on his arms (just so he couldn’t bend his elbows and rip everything off) and he used his TONGUE to try to get the sensor away from his nose.  That’s some talent, I tells ya.  And?  The Pulse Ox on his big toe? He flicked it off with his other toe three times during the night.  The technician was impressed.  Our little Houdini is nothing short of amazing.

He fell asleep sitting up, me on my side, slumped over my hip and shoulder because he REFUSED TO PUT HIS HEAD ON THE PILLOW.  I didn’t dare take a breath or budge for a minute until I heard him snore.  Then I made my bed out of that dreadful chair-cot thingy that they provide in hospitals (OMG, you haven’t LIVED until you have slept on something as wide as your rear so you cannot turn over and the bottom part is onyl as wide as your feet so you don’t wanna move your legs, either! IT’S ALL THE RAGE!) and felt like I was in a tomb got the best night of sleep ever. until 2am. And since he didn’t fall asleep until almost 10?  Let’s just say I’m gonna take a nap today.  I mean the whole day.  Like, don’t call me, I’ll call you, mmkay?

We made it through. It wasn’t horrible. I get to stay home and do nothing if I want and sleep all day. Except sort veggies.

Oh yeah, and thank you. Thanks for being understanding and supportive.  It’s nice to know that I’m not a total dolt. Just a half of one.

2 thoughts on “Worst Night of Sleep With the Best Possible Outcome

  1. Take a nap and let us know if we can do anything.

  2. Angela says:

    Hope you get some good rest today!

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