May 20, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Perhaps it is the Catholic Girl in me, or the fact that it is a dreary and miserable day. I feel the need to purge. And no, I don’t mean PURGE MY BREAKFAST (Sheesh! I’m not bulimic! I gave that up about ten years ago, HELLO!) I mean purge my thoughts.

I like Ashlee Simpson’s music. There, I said it. So sue me. But not really, I don’t have any money to give. By the way, WHO CARES ABOUT HER NOSE! I LIKE IT!

I have a secret crush on Jason Castro, late of American Idol. And now, it’s not a secret. Millions of people around the globe will google it and end up here.

I’m addicted to linen (Wait. You knew that. My bad.). Especially this linen.

When my cell phone rings I jump about ten feet. I live in constant fear of the school nurse calling me and telling me that one of my kids is sick. Perhaps that is because I pick them up once or twice a month, at the very least.

I have abso-smurfly no desire to go back to work. None. I do not want to go back to work. I know I should. I have a year to get over it. Once Bugaboo is in full-time school (aka Kindy or first grade) I need to do SOMETHING. The older they get, the more expensive they get.

The husband sometimes ends up on the couch. By sometimes, I mean nearly every night these days. He claims it is because he isn’t sleeping well and he doesn’t want to wake me. I actually prefer it, because HE DOES WAKE ME UP. I didn’t tell him this but I flipped the mattress and that’s about the time he began sleeping on the couch. Oops.

I love Chicken Pot Pie. In the winter I ate one nearly every day for lunch. There was a relatively healthy one I got from the local healthy store that I became addicted to. I think this may be how I lost so much weight over the winter (ten pounds, I’m not lying). Either that or it is the milkshakes I often eat for dinner. Either way, I’ve recently gone back to salads for lunch and GUESS WHAT? I’ve gained four pounds! And I exercise more now than I did then! (don’t tell me it’s muscle weight. Blah, blah, blah.)

I don’t like to wear jeans. I prefer cargo pants or yoga pants or linen pants or…anything but jeans. But I am LUCKY enough to have a stash of jeans (hint, hint) that I found at consignment and goodwill that I can wear when I have to. Like, if I go out socially. You know, with actual friends. I’ve worn them once since September.

I don’t like to wear shoes. I also don’t like my feet to be dirty. My choice? I could either be barefoot and wash my feet every five minutes (which I used to do. OCD much?) or just wear non-shoes, like these or these. Guess which one I picked?

I do not like doing dishes. I despise, loathe and dread doing dishes. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that I have a good dishwasher. ’nuff said.

I don’t like to get my hair wet. I will do anything to avoid it. I do not like to swim or go to the beach for this reason (and the fact that I don’t like the sun, either). I worked as a lifeguard at a summer camp one summer and HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I could not WAIT for that summer to end, it was AWFUL.

I like dogs more than people. Sometimes. Ok, most of the time. There, happy?

5 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. You like a dog more than me. Sigh.

    I love this post. I cannot say why other than I love knowing more about you.

    You are so amazing. That is all I can say. I just find your likes so awesome.

  2. The polka dotted ones. They are more fun…although the solid probably look better with more outfits. Or maybe both?

  3. mommypie says:

    So good to know more about you!

    Totally on the same page with the no shoes thing. And the foot washing. I actually HAVE to do it before I get into bed each night — give it a try. If you don’t already do it, I’m tellin’ ya, IT’S HEAVEN.

  4. Jacki says:

    You know, I hate getting my hair we when going to a pool or the beach, and I thought I was the only one.

  5. Yes, I am happy. I love random stuff. And I also love Ashley’s nose. It may be the best job ever, and it even almost makes me want one.

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