If Procrastination Were an Olympic Sport, I’d Be the Gold Medal Winner.


May 14, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Let’s face it. Lately, I’ve had this TEENSY problem with motivation. I dunno if it is the fact that all of my days currently look the same, the fact that I feel like I am in a food rut, the fact that my life is moving in fast forward and my brain is in slow-mo or if it is the fact that I just procrastinate like no other. I’m just not getting done what I should.

Look. I “do” Flylady. I am good at it. I have my lists and routines. I get done important things (like feeding and cleaning the children. Because no one wants CFS at the front door. At least not me.) but the extras? Like, finishing my freaking phone calls or filling out yet another gosh-darn form? Yeah, I have been putting that stuff off. Perhaps it is because I have so much going on? Folks keep insisting that they “don’t know how I do it” and that they can’t imagine what I do. I can’t imagine it either, because some of the time? I just don’t do it.

I should have vacuumed before the kids arrived home. I could have started the laundry again. I could have done some digging and planting (my favorite pastime). I should have at least switched the clean and dirty dishes. I should have made an appointment to get my hair cut again (because I am looking less Posh/Holmes and more lame mom cut). I could have put things back in the attic. But I figured it would just be there later, right? I mean, things aren’t gonna grow legs and walk off. Except for those freaking hair million-leggers in the basement. *Shiver*. I hate those. Hate is a strong word. I mean LOATHE AND DESPISE them. Get the picture?

So anyways, here’s what I decided to do. Sleep. Sleep with reckless abandon. Sleep with the shades drawn and the windows shut and my favorite jammy pants on. Sleep with my down comforter pulled up to my eyebrows. Sleepy sleepy sleep. Ahhhhh…And why the heck would I sleep the afternoon on a day like today? A day when the sun was shining, the sky was the bluest it has been in days and the birds chirp happily outside the window?

Because I could.

Because my kids were at school and I knew I was in for it when they got home (and I was right).

Because I know that I cannot always spend a day doing things at home.

Because I know that I am usually on the run, from errands to appointments to school and such.

Because in the next five weeks, before school ends, I might have ONE MORE OPPORTUNITY to goof off before summer hits and time is no longer my own.

Because spending time with myself recharges my batteries so that I am more available for my kids.

Besides, all of that housework? The appointment making? The paperwork? The dirt? The clothes? Yup, it never ends. So if it never ends, why shouldn’t I enjoy the rare opportunity to rest and refresh? It’s gonna be there tomorrow. And that, afterall, is the procrastinator’s mantra. Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow? Truer words have never been spoken. Except by me. I make an effort never to say that out loud, because some how that justifies the fact that I am a lazy slug and that sometimes I am just not a natural SAHM and homemaker. Or maybe it’s just because I have to practice saying things to myself in my head, like what I’m gonna say to the cashier or the doctor on the phone or the school nurse and that sucks all of the energy out of my head and so therefore I can’t put the clothes back in the attic because THOSE PHONE CALLS, THE REQUIRED SO MUCH PHYSICAL EFFORT.

Yeah. One of the two.

One thought on “If Procrastination Were an Olympic Sport, I’d Be the Gold Medal Winner.

  1. Jacki says:

    I completely agree! As Peter always tells me, he’d rather come home to a happy wife and child then a sparkling clean house. Because I get really grumpy when I try to “do it all.” I mean, it took me two weeks to fold and put away Emma’s clothes (I finally did that Monday), but we are still alive.

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