May 12, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

No, it isn’t, really. You did not just go through a time warp. I am just alluding to the fact that every weekend is beginning to feel the same. I have this sense of Deja Vu all over again.  Get it?  Deja Vu all over again?  Well, at least I FOUND IT AMUSING.

A few good things did happen, however.  Bugaboo’s TSS was here on Friday and Sunday (yes!  on Mother’s Day!  It ROCKED!) and the boy was happy and cooperative.  He PLAYED WITH TOYS, people!  I mean, got down on the floor, played with his buses and was a happy camper. At one point he was getting trucks and buses that light up and went into the coat closet to experiment with the darkness and light. He ran all over the house looking for light-up toys. It was neat to watch because you could see the gears in his head turning (and the smoke coming from his ears) as he checked out each and every toy to see if it would do the same thing.  Talk about brain power!  The boy has got it!  Of course, I could NOT resist making jokes about him being in the closet and coming out of the closet.  For good measure I even quoted this particular episode of a certain show.  And this morning?  When we closed himself in there again?  Yeah, I kept saying, “BUGABOO!  COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!”  And laughed hysterically.  The kids and the husband were all, “Uh, Mom?  Screw loose somewhere?”  Guess you had to be there.

Hey, it doesn’t take much to amuse me, y’all.

Anyways, today we are having a repeat weather-wise of Friday.  You know, trees blowing so hard they lose leaves (and DG is very nervous about the three gigantic, old, stately oaks that reside in the yard), the backyard is rather dampish and the dog?  Let’s just say she sniffs the air and is all,” EXCUSE me? You want me to go out in THAT?  AS IF!” and then curls up to start her next nap with a heavy sigh, like HOW DARE I suggest she relieve herself out THERE. OMGWTFBBQ!  It was quite nice to see the sun for the whole ten minutes we had it yesterday.  It was just enough to prompt the husband to cut the grass, because gosh forbid it actually GROW or something. I mean, we cannot have that, can we?  THE NERVE!

I’m having breakfast with my Dad and brother again tomorrow. Thursday my brother and I were in stitches while he joked around at my Dad’s favorite coffee/breakfast spot. The waitress and owner know him personally and my parents stop in there each and every day. And by every day, I mean my Dad gets a poached egg on rye with a cup of coffee every morning, except for Wednesdays when he gets a side of sausage.  And during the winter he goes back for the soup of the day at lunchtime.  It’s like cheers, but in a dumpier building and no bar. And no alcohol. My Dad is Norm.  ANd my brother has had the privilege of joining him when his cop shifts allow so he is learning how that place operates. While I sipped my coffee (Yes, I drank coffee, IT’LL BE ON THE EVENING NEWS) I tried not to snort it out of my nose while my brother predicted what would happen next.  “Ok.  Ed will come in a minute and sit at the table over there facing the window. He’ll have a large, black coffee.”  And Ed came in. And he sat where my brother said he would. And guess what he ordered?  Yup.  Then my brother would say, “Ok. Pat comes in next, sit across from Ed. He just gets the paper but they’ll chat for about an hour.  Then the woman in the apartment upstairs pulls up in her truck and picks up the kid.  Then the mailman comes in.”   It happened exactly as he stated.  Then I mentioned the movie Groundhog Day. Like, do you feel like you live this day over and over and over again?   Dad read the paper and exclaimed, “OMG!  Did you see the price of a barrel of oil?   Hey!  Look at the weather for tomorrow!  Did you see how the Phillies did? Wow.”  And he apparently didn’t hear a word we said, because he was all, “Huh?  What are you guys laughing at?”

Guess you had to be there.  Well, WE thought it was funny.

Stay tuned. I am fairly certain you will read something very similar in a few days.

One thought on “IT’S GROUNDHOG’S DAY!

  1. mommypie says:

    Do we have the same dad?!? Cause mine’s pretty much Norm too. He does his daily breakfast at the Donut Shop (although lately, it’s been McDonalds to hang out with the Foags). And the scene is THE SAME. I tell ya, he’s a constant source of amusement.

    Hey, btw, don’t know if you saw the pic of your hot self over at my place — if not, you must check it out. Show it to your hubs and maybe you can get him away from that lawnmower!

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