Because DG Has Tons on Her Mind and Is A Bit Fried at the Moment


May 9, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

I watched the final of Rock the Cradle. In fact, I’ve watched all of the episodes online (you can do that these days, did you know? Tell people you don’t watch stuff like AI and then watch it online and technically, you ain’t lying.  By the way, I love you, Jason.). I have a teensy crush on Crosby Loggins. As in, the son of Kenny Loggins? I picked him to win from the beginning because he was so shy on the show and had a sweet smile and was all humble and cut the whole time. I have no idea why this is important. But I checked him out on i-toons and ME LIKEY!

It’s raning. It’s pouring. I have no idea if the man is snoring. There is no old man here. At least I hope not. But I can tell you that Shadow didn’t even ask to take her walk this morning. In fact, I’m certain she has not been outside at all this morning. She has to go, right? She’ll go eventually, right? She probably has her doggy legs crossed so she won’t have to go. My dog makes sense. She’ll jump in a lake or a puddle, but gosh forbid she gets two drops of rain on her precious hair.

The rain gauge says two inches. MIGHT be accurate. The nice thing? Our yard is no longer Lake Erie, thanks to Forrest Gump The Husband. He took good care of the grass and now, instead of a swamp, we have happy grass. Which will need to be cut tomorrow, thanks to this deluge.

I love watching House Hunters. In fact, it is seriously the only show I try to watch on television. I have this little real estate obsession,ever since I worked at the local real estate office for a few years before having Bug Boy. I loved that job. I used to make all of the flyers, websites, take pictures, tour homes, etc. It was fun. So now? I DVR every episode. I like saying that. DVR. I DVR stuff. Because I now have a DVR. And after three months I finally took time to learn to use it and I’m all, “WHOA! YOU CAN RECORD STUFF WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING!” And, “WHOA! YOU CAN SET IT UP TO RECORD THE SHOW EVERY DAY!” It’s ten kinds of Hawesome.

I haven’t vacuumed or put away laundry in a week. Since I vacuum daily and do at least two loads of laundry a day (during a good week) you have probably guessed that walking around barefoot in my home right now is dangerous and toxic. In fact, your feet will be blackened and you may end up with oat cereal stuck to your foot, since the dog has suddenly gotten all, “AS IF! I’m not eating that anymore, even though it used to be my FAVORITE!” And the laundry? Let’s just say you can’t see my bed or my dresser or my floor. I know there’s a bed in there someplace…hmmm…

I”m wondering how long I can procrastinate. See, I’m a Master Procrastinator. It’s an unknown art form. In fact, I’m so good at it, most people don’t know I do it, since I then rush to get everything done in an amount of time that would make most people nervous. Like, college? Projects and papers the night before? As in, all nighter? Amazing I still graduated with a 3.95 GPA. I was really ticked it wasn’t a 4.0. OCD much? I was gonna get my house cleaned up before Bugaboo arrives home today. He has a half-day. But I’m thinking I might put it off until tomorrow.

The weekend…let’s see. Bug Boy is SUPPOSED to go to the Minor League game with the MIL this evening. Uh…have you seen the forecast for Delaware? Not pretty. He is SUPPOSED to have tee ball tomorrow morning. Again, there’s this thing with the forecast. He is SUPPOSED to go a birthday party and I’m SUPPOSED to go to the garden and herb sale (if the plants do not float away). I’m SUPPOSED to work on my veggie garden and beg the husband to get mulch for the garden that had round-up sprayed in it (don’t ask) and around the tree we aren’t supposed to mulch (I don’t care, in three years neither plants nor grass will grow there. Just mud.).

We shall see how the Bugaboo behaves. The hand biting, it is getting bad. The mommy, she is getting worried.

The time, it is getting ticking…Enough procrastination. Time to get to work.

7 thoughts on “Because DG Has Tons on Her Mind and Is A Bit Fried at the Moment

  1. AG is building the ark.

    Did you have the lightening storm by you last night? Lower D.C. did and it was awful. I thought the roof was going to catch on fire.

  2. Angela says:

    Ack…handbiting… I have no idea how to fix that with my boy either.

  3. Oh! I saw the first one of that Rock the Cradle show and then I haven’t seen it on whenever I turn the tv on, so I haven’t seen another and actually just wondered last night if it just went off the air.

    Anyway, I so had a crush on Crosby from the start. And it’s a good thing b/c I always thought I had one on his father, but then they showed a clip of him talking about his son, and it turns out that I don’t have a crush on him.

  4. MommyTime says:

    I know whereof you speak. Procrastination + Perfectionism is the curse of my genetic pool. Makes for looong late nights, huh?

  5. Kari says:

    I found giraffes! Don’t know if they’re big enough… 5 1/2 inches from bottom of feet to top of horns. Pretty sturdy. Anyway, they’re at Tractor Supply – if you have one near you. If not, I’ll send some! $4.99 each.

  6. Jacki says:

    It’s okay to give yourself some slack sometimes. And seriously? Jason Castro?

  7. Anjali says:

    I heart House Hunters. If I had DVR or Tivo I’m sure I’d have seen every episode 10 times by now.

    I also love all those other real estate type shows. (My House is Worth What?, etc.)

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