This is Why I Heart Our Neurologist


May 8, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

See, the good doctor, he is patient and kind.  My kids can act the way they tend to act and he doesn’t get upset. In fact, he is so laid back that he’s all, “Ahhh..don’t worry. I have a vacuum.”  And, “Don’t worry.  I have a screwdriver and can open the locked bathroom door.”  And, “Don’t worry.  I saved it before he turned off the computer while I was typing.”  Yeah. It was like that.

Begins with an H. Rhymes with Smellish.  Get it?

See, having my kids trapped in an exam room (even a super-duper large one like the good doctor has) is a recipe for disaster.  There were three large potted plants (ahem. Bugaboo.  Stimming.  Need I say more?) and there were plenty of toys and kid furniture.  There was plenty of space for roaming and tossing food on the floor). This isn’t your typical doctor’s office.  It is one big open room with a hallway that goes around back and there are a few smaller rooms (where he keeps his messy paperwork, Bugaboo found that) and a bathroom (where Bugaboo found the toilet to splash in. Several times.).  It’s a very nice office. Or at least, it was a very nice office before my children entered. When we left? Not so much.

But he’s so patient. And kind.  And played with the kids.  And let Bugaboo sit on his lap (until he turned off the computer).  This is why we go to a doctor that I have to pay out of pocket and then submit to my insurance. Because he cares about my kids.  And he doesn’t mind that they are the way they are. Believe me, I’ve been to several Neurologists now and not all of them are so kind.  I’m beginning to wonder if there is a big difference with seeing a DO, because we certainly see it.

What it comes down to is this:  Bugaboo put on a good show, so the doc was able to see EXACTLY what has been going on. He could see that some of it was not behavioral. He could see that some of his rapid-cycling moods are getting dangerous (to himself and others).  He could see that Bug Boy was having a difficult time controlling himself and melting down over little things. And he could see all of this because he spends time with the kids. He does a thorough exam. He talks to me and asks tons of questions.  I felt great when I left because I felt like the doc understands what we are going through and is making every effort to help things improve.  Well, as good as I could feel with food smeared on me, dirt on my butt and a bloody knee dripping on my shirt (don’t ask).

Sigh.  Good times. Good times.

6 thoughts on “This is Why I Heart Our Neurologist

  1. AbbysMomma says:

    I’m so glad you found him. He sounds like a truly great person…and, IMHO, only a great person can be a great doc.

    Makes one wonder about the other Neuros you have been to though. With their chosen field, you would think they would have learned some patience with all sorts of behaviors. KWIM?

    Good luck, sweetie, I hope he had some good ideas to try for them.

  2. D.O.s are very different largely because of how and why they enter medical school. I encourage you to explore Google to understand why.

    It sounds like you got some relief yesterday. I am so glad. They are great kids and very lucky to have two parents who understand their needs and advocate for them. Not all kids are lucky.

    If they haven’t told you — They love Mom and Dad!!

  3. MommyTime says:

    Good doctors are worth their weight in gold. So glad you have found one! Here’s hoping today is more peaceful.

  4. Rachel says:

    Even though it was a . . . challenging appointment (how’s that for a descriptive word), how fabulous to have a doctor who listens to you and watches the kids long enough to see all the behaviors you’re concerned about!

  5. HG says:

    A good doctor makes all the difference doesn’t it? I had a heck of a time finding a pediatrician when Puck was born. When I told my original one that I wanted to follow an alternate vaccination schedule (which included all of the vax except the Hep ones at the time) and come in monthly so she didn’t have to have more than one at a time, he told me I was “ridiculous” – charming, no?

    I really like my ped now. I also *pink puffy heart* my OB/GYN to the extent that when the HP was changing jobs during Sprite’s pregnancy, I told him in no-uncertain-terms that he would not be accepting a job until I was sure that the insurance would cover my practice.

  6. ‘Or at least it was a nice office….’ LOL. And I thought I had a heck of a time Monday with one in the office.

    The cabinets are what I hate the most in the rooms. Why? I’m sure they could store whatever is in there outside the room b/c not once have I ever seen a doctor get something out of a cabinet or drawer. And yet there are tons of them in any exam room we’ve ever been in. I say “no,” the two year old screams, I say “no.” It’s fun.

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