It’s a Gi-raffe, a Gi-raffe!


May 2, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Bugaboo and Bug Boy have your typical (or not so typical) autistic-OCD-perseveration-thingy going on. They both get interested in something and then we EAT, SLEEP AND BREATHE it for months. As in, literally. As in, one month it was foods that aren’t red. Another month all food had to be red (confused? Yeah, us too!). One month we have to concentrate on people who die in ships that sink. Bugaboo tends to keep on with the buses (and other yellow vehicles, but mostly buses) so at least he’s consistent.

For the longest time (Whoa-oh-oh, for the longest time) Bugaboo absolutely loathed animals of any kind. We’d go to the zoo (membership) and he’d look off the other way, watching trees blow in the wind or watching a fountain. Shadow was basically a piece of furniture or a means to climb onto something else. She’d occasionally park herself across the stairs or a doorway to get in his way in order to attempt to stop him from climbing the baby gate or stairs. He’d climb over her as if she were part of the steps. He does like to stim on her long, silky hair but that’s about the extent of it.

Imagine our surprise around the Holidays when he began stealing my elephants. My beloved elephant collection! He broke a few junky ones but was totally obsessed. He’d steal them from the highest hiding places and sit behind the couch to stroke and cuddle them. I couldn’t believe my eyes! He LIKED an animal! Just when I gave up my zoo membership (%@*&%)! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but someone suggested I get him some toy plastic (but realistic) animals to play with. And, as if it were magic (POOF!) he stopped touching my elephants and began playing with the $1 plastic ones I found on clearance. I also got him tigers, lions, giraffes, you name it. But he stuck with the elephants.

His interest in the animals waned a bit with the return of warmer weather. Why play with plastic animals when you can throw DIRT! AND WOOD CHIPS! AND PICK GRASS (not the grass! ACK!)! But then rainy days returned and Bugaboo began carrying around a giraffe. Everywhere. As in, we were looking for it so he’d go to bed. He had to have it watch him take a bath. He brought it to the dinner table (not that he sits at the dinner table, but it still came with him). We were amused and perplexed. Perhaps we should revisit the zoo membership? After all, we have an aquarium membership and he LOVES IT.

Then we began finding Mr. Giraffe at the scene of every crime:

Hmmm...I wonder who got into the plant dirt?  Oh look!  A giraffe!

Hmmm…I wonder who was throwing the plant dirt. Oh look! A giraffe!

You see, if Bugaboo was anywhere in the house, the giraffe was not far behind. In fact, if we found the giraffe, it means that Bugaboo had JUST BEEN THERE and was either hiding nearby or heard me and took off like a bat out of Hades. Exhibit B:

Gee. Someone was throwing Legos in Bug Boy’s room. Who could it be?

Yeah, he’s all sneaky like that. Nothing like covering your tracks at the scene of a crime. In fact, if it weren’t for that Mr. Giraffe, I’d NEVER BE ABLE TO GUESS who was throwing the legos, right? Moving along:

How about that! A giraffe by the toilet. And there’s toilet water splashed over the freaking place. I wonder who did this?

It’s pretty obvious he’s not to skilled in the “covering my tracks” department. That much is fairly apparent, given the fact that he drops his food about the house, leaving a trail like Hansel and Gretl, while the dog follows closely behind licking up crumbs. Trust me when I say I have found this giraffe in just about every location of my home. He literally has to have it taken from his hands when getting on the bus to school. And you know what that means, right?

Yeah. We lost it last week. Can’t find it anywhere. And he looked, believe me. He brought me that stinking picture of the giraffe about thirty times in one day. So, first thing Monday morning when he went back to school, Mommy hit up every place she could think of that might sell a freaking giraffe. And after six stores she found a grand total of:

One. One freaking giraffe.

Do you mean to tell me that my child is the only one on the planet that LOVES GIRAFFES? I mean, c’mon! It’s a common animal, right? There has to be more than one? And I did find one more, after visiting three tarzhays, and the dang thing was only three inches long. Not gonna work, we need a LARGE GIRAFFE. So I’m asking you, internets, if you see larger dollar store giraffes (as shown above) and you are one of my IRL friends, I’ll pay you good money to buy up those giraffes so that Mommy has a stash in case we misplace Mr. Giraffe again, mmkay? As in, PRETTY PLEASE! PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE buy me those giraffes? Thank you, Thankyouverymuch.

9 thoughts on “It’s a Gi-raffe, a Gi-raffe!

  1. I will check in Wilmington tonight. If I find one — I will pick up a few.

    I love giraffes. I understand the little guy’s pain.

  2. Look on that website the Flylady is always talking about swapping extra stuff on. It’s too complicated for me to figure out.

    Maybe giraffes are popular in your area and that’s why they are out of them.

    I have the same bathroom floor..the dull version, not the shiny tile. I wish it were the shiny tile cause it only looks clean when it’s wet.

  3. Auntie AG picked up two large giraffes at Target tonight. I believe it is these are what he is looking for. I have to go running, but will compare against the pictures in a few minutes.

    E-mail me at adorablegirlfriend at If he has therapy this way — I can easily drop it off. If not, we can work something out.

    Have no fear!

  4. Wait, now I think I got one too small as I am re-reading this. Crap. The ones I have are the five inch and I think you want larger. I can look at the Dollar Store tomorrow. Have no fear! Just let me know how I can get them to you — I am getting two so in case we lose one again!

  5. the new girl says:

    That totally sucks about the giraffe. Hopefully, you’ll find a good replacement….

  6. mommypie says:

    Love the crime scene photos – HA!

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled and promise if I come across any large giraffes I’ll snap ’em all up for you!

  7. Ugh. No luck this weekend. All I have are the large, small G’s from Target. Let me continue my search as I hit somewhere tomorrow after work. I will do this.

    I may not be a mother, but I am a black belt shopper!

  8. This is so cute. I’m going to keep my eye out for giraffes. This may turn out to be like Christmas in Connecticut where Barbara Stanwyck’s character was writing a column about having trouble finding the perfect rocking chair and then got a boat load of them.

  9. Lucy Tascone says:

    AC Moore sells a lot of plastic animals. Call them, maybe they can tell you over the phone what they have?

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