Driving Around Counting Election Signs with Five Kids is Fun


April 21, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

You detected the sarcasm in that statement?  Really?


Friday the kids had yet ANOTHER rotten half-freaking-day.  They were bored, hot and tired. They were sick of riding bikes, drawing on the sidewalk, reading books and playing with Play dough. That’s when I got the bright idea that I’d take the five of them (my two plus Polite Boy, Middle Child and Little Miss) for a ride. I gave them a job, said it would be AN ADVENTURE!  I NEED! YOUR! HELP!  It will be FUN!  HELP ME!  And they all totally fell for it.

Here’s the beautiful part:  Bug Boy was McCain.  Polite Boy was Obama.  Little Miss wanted to be Ron Paul very badly (I have no idea why) and Middle Child was Hillary.  I gave them all a task:  As we weave up and down the streets, count ONLY your signs. If there is more than one sign on that property, only count it ONCE. If we double back past a property, do NOT count it again. I wanted to go for accuracy, not high numbers. I explained it did not matter who won, that we were just having fun.  They assured me they’d count correctly.  And I believed them,  because first, second and third-graders don’t cheat, right?  They wouldn’t INTENTIONALLY drive the numbers up, just so their candidate would win, right?  Ahem.  Let’s just say, it’s a good thing that I kept a tally myself.  Polite Boy (the one who normally behaves, even though no one else does) cheated like crazy. He wants Obama to win so badly he can taste it. He was quite miffed with me when I told him to stop counting by twos or adding extra signs.  And then he pouted and refused to count anymore after about ten minutes.  Sigh.

But this is what we came up with:

  • In “The Hills” the tally was eighteen Obama signs, ten Hillary signs, and not a Mc Cain or Ron Paul to be found.  This represented about one third of the town.  The richest third.  Or at least the most expensive houses in town.
  • The other day I did about a third of the town, so this time I drove to the other third that I ignored before.  I came up with twenty Obama signs, six Hillary, one Mc Cain and one Ron Paul.
  • I then drove around Mayberry my town, which is all of four blocks wide and in the same school district as the pretty college town we had counted.  It is also surrounded on all four sides by a very middle class/blue collarish town.  They vote primarily Publican and our county is overwhelmingly Publican.  I was shocked to see eight Hillary, five Obama and a McCain sign.

See, the thing is, I kinda feel like Hillary is more attractive to Elite voters and Obama is more loved by the diverse population. At least, that WAS my impression. But what I’m finding is that (at least in our little neck of the woods) the opposite is true.  The richer residents were all for Obama. The average folks were for Dear Hill.  And McCain?  His signs were in front of houses I’d never suspect.  And the kids?  They want Obama to win.  Mostly because they like saying his name.

Me?  I’m interested in what is going to happen on Election Day. If y’all are in PA, please go vote.  If you aren’t a Dem, it’s okay, the Pubs have something to vote for.  State Rep, or something, I dunno.   Honestly, I’ve been so hung up with Obama and Hill this time that I’ve barely paid attention.  Mc Cain who?

Seriously, though.  If the results of our little fun are in any way indicative of what will happen in this election, Obama may be our next president.  That is, if the freaking eejits on tv don’t project Hillary is winning with 10% of precincts reporting at 8am and keep everyone from going to the polls…

5 thoughts on “Driving Around Counting Election Signs with Five Kids is Fun

  1. I am so pumped up from Hills’ rally tonight.

    I agree, I just want everyone out there voting tomorrow!!

  2. mommypie says:

    Totally BRILL! I love the activity. I love your KIDS!

  3. Angela says:

    Oh fun!! I might have to do the same thing with my kiddos!

  4. MommyBrain says:

    I’ve actually found that it’s the more educated, higher income voters who are for Obama and the working/middle class people who like Hillary. My neighborhood (very working class) has ALL hillary signs and the closest Obama one is four blocks away. Then, someone on Ses.tak’s campaign told me that HC kept running out of signs and that they were hard to get or something. too funny about the kids loving obama!

  5. Actually, AG found in her posh town it’s a Hillary loving group.

    No Obama signs at all at the polls today. 3 for my boyfriend Joey Sestak and two for Ms. Hillary. 0 for my O’boyfriend and McShame.

    Eeek. Nobody cares about McShame in PA!

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