Election 2008: A Pictorial Review


April 18, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Despite the freakish debate from the other night, I believe folks pretty much know who they are voting for. And, for the record, I bet most of them could care less about the freaking lapel pin (George Staphylococcus, I’m talkin’ to you!). I decided to perform a very scientific experiment to see for whom the majority of the idyllic little hamlet I call home is going to vote for (OK, to be fair, I live in the next town over, but there’s only six hundred of us and I’m certainly in the minority as a registered democrat so there’s, like, two political signs in my town, which isn’t a very good representative sample, you dig?). Liberal Quaker College town + upcoming primaries = gold mine of yard signs. Let the experiment begin:

This isn’t starting out well. How about this?

That’s what I’m talkin’ bout. Who else?

Who dat? Never heard of ‘im. But then there’s this:

Two for the price of one! Sigh. At least it wasn’t Romney. Moving on:

How about dem apples. Another one. And then:

I’m beginning to see a bit of a trend here. Hmmm…I wonder what I’ll see next?

Oops. That’s not a political sign. I still haven’t seen any Hillary signs.

Nope. That’s not Hillary either. I’m sure there’s one here someplace. I mean, I’ve been up and down about ten blocks already on the east side of town (the west side is tomorrow).

Phew! I was getting worried for a minute there. It was tough to find, but after twelve blocks, there it was.

Bossy’s very own Barack O’Boyfriend sign. How about another block or two and we’ll call it a day.

In case you want to know how they feel about the war AND the election. Any more?

Quelle Surprise! (N.O.T.)

Granted, I only drove through about twenty percent of the town. I’m sure if I got closer to the college and closer to the HIGH END HOMES (read: Million Dollar Mansions) I’d find a few different signs. We shall see. I’m gonna try to drive through the Hills (as it is affectionately known) tomorrow and see what the fuzz is over there. Of course, I’m still seeing Kerry and Edwards signs. Who knows what I’ll see next because it might not be pretty. If I go to the next town over (primarily Republican Blue-Collar town) where I used to live, I’m sure it would be a different view alltogether. Especially since out of about 16,000 people I was one of under TWO HUNDRED registered Dems. Yes, I said TWO HUNDRED.

Final Tally through about fifteen blocks?

McCain – 2

Hillary – 1

Ron Paul – 1

Obama – 7

Hmmm…to be continued.

ETA: That Ron Paul sign is giving me troubles. I’ve edited it about forty times and it STILL keeps creeping upwardsd, invading the Obama sign’s space. Dangit Ron Paul!

11 thoughts on “Election 2008: A Pictorial Review

  1. What a great way to see. It’s pretty research-y. I’m kind of inspired to go out into my “neighborhood.”

  2. RuthWells says:

    I drive past a clutch of Hillary signs on my way to work each day, through The Hills. Be intereting to see what you find, tho!

  3. pkzcass says:

    Great post DG! Loved it, and I can’t wait for the other side of town results.

  4. Your comments crack me up b/c every time I say something that other people freak out about, like letting my kid eat catfood, you’re always like, Yeah, we do that here too.

  5. Trace says:

    I did the same thing when I when I was recently out walking Josie. Yup, almost all Obama. I saw ONE Hillary sign on Manchester in M.dia. I totally agree on the flag pin thing. I was VERY disappointed in the questions they asked. In addition to the flag button I really could care less about the minister thing. Will that really affect how good of a leader he’ll be? Aren’t church and state supposed to be separate? Just like Clinton getting some hea.d. Ok, he’s a bit sleazy and cheated on his wife, but did it affect his ability to be a good leader? Nope. If anything I thought it showed he was real live person. So yes, it seems like the area is an Obama area. Oh, and R.on Paul? He’s a conservative republican who didn’t make it. I also saw a sign for him.

    I’ll be voting on Tuesday (i.e. I’m a democrat). I pretty much have my mind made up, but really, I like both of them and will be happy either way because no matter what it will be an improvement. Hey, did you notice at the debate they BOTH can pronounce nuclear? And I bet you won’t hear either of them use words like strategerize.

  6. Debbie says:

    I’m still laughing at your “appetizer” comment on eating cat food with dirty hands!

    I’ll be the first in my area to have an OBAMA sign and may be run out LOL. I even had an Obama Mama volunteering blog post! Now need widget!

    Saw Hillary was lurking behind the bushes (wondering what she’s hiding…)

    Great post and I’ll be back of course!

  7. Yay for Hills!

    I love the one when I got off the Blue Route going to either Georges or the Bryn Mawr Film Archive at St. Davids. It is right there on the right.

    Love it.

    UC hates it.

    Hence, I heart it even more.

    Heart, heart, heart.

    Who cares what insecure people put in their lawns. We know who we are voting for and we don’t need to put a sign in our lawns to make us feel better. We are just jejune, urban Ivy Leaguer elitists that way…

    BTW, where are these houses located? I can borrow a dog to crap on their lawns.


  8. HG says:

    Ha! Our close friends were going to “Obama” our lawn for April Fool’s Day to get my McCain-lovin’ husband’s goat.

  9. nutmeg says:

    I swear to you, there are Ron Paul signs every twenty feet it my town. It’s beyond scary!

  10. This is hilarious. If you go out and take pictures of houses in a strange neighborhood, are you more likely to get shot in a Obama or McCain neighborhood?

    It’s still early in the season….so you’ll have to go back in a month or so and compare yard care/landscaping appearance by political affiliation. It could sway voters.

    I never thought about eating cat food. Any ideas on which one would make a good “bring a dish” for the next potluck I go to? Any good recipes?

  11. […] The other day I did about a third of the town, so this time I drove to the other third that I ignored before.  I came up with twenty Obama signs, six Hillary, one Mc Cain and one Ron Paul. […]

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