April 14, 2008 by Marj Hatzell


Look.  It’s simple, really.  Walking a dog? Bring a baggie.  When your dog does, erm, the business?  Turn the bag inside out over your hand, pick up said business and tie it off.  VOILA!  Dog piles cleaned up!  Makes our town a cleaner place!

If there’s one thing that DRIVES ME NUTS it’s when I’m walking my dog and see dog poo on the sidewalk, curb or other people’s lawns.  RUDE, RIDICULOUS AND ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR.  Plus, unhygienic. Oh, and did I mention lazy?

Hey Guy-with-the-Corgi-Pomeranian-mix!  I’m TALKING TO YOU!


11 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Trace says:

    I hear you. I even wear a little sling type bag to put it in after it’s filled. Who wants to go for a walk on a beautiful day holding a poop filled bag. It kinda ruins the moment.

  2. RuthWells says:

    I am SO there. People treat the field behind our house — you know, where your kid plays soccer on the weekends? — like their dogs’ own personal septic field. I always carry an extra baggie or two to clean up after the @ssholes. (Can I say that on your blog?)

  3. Yes, as a matter of fact you CAN say @sshole on my not-a-blawg. But only if I get to say f*ck and sh1t. Fair?

  4. HG says:

    Oh that drives me UP.A.FRAKKIN’.WALL.

  5. Tracey says:

    Makes me insane too. I have one neighbor who seems to feel it’s OK to let his dog cr@p in the other neighbor’s ivy that covers his front lawn. I mean….isn’t that worse???? You can’t see that it’s there when you walk. The next time, I swear, I’m going out there and offering him a bag (even though I see he has one in his back pocket).

  6. Jacki says:

    We have a woman that lives on our street and she lets all 45 of her cats run around the neighborhood. A couple of them use our flowerbeds as a litter tray, and now the beds smell like cat crap. So annoying!!

  7. Kelly says:

    I think people who let their dogs shit without picking it up should have a karmic gigantic dump taken on their own lawns. God just letting one go.

    One morning, they open the door and all they see is a steaming pile of dooh. Ah, sweet revenge.

  8. A friend told me he pees in a bucket in his garage, then “waters” the edges of his yard with his urine. Very effective at keeping the neighbor’s dog from pooping in his yard. Maybe your husband could help with this. You have to reapply after it rains. Someone should sell a similar product for single women.

  9. mommypie says:

    I may just have to try peeing in a bucket and watering the edges of MY flower bed. So much stray cat poo in there, it’s gross, GROSS I tell you!

  10. How about buying one of those portable urinals for women….I think they have them for car trips or camping or something. Then it would be fun to set up a camera and watch the dog walkers or cats or whatever avoid the treated areas.

  11. Nadine says:

    I am cracking up over the and . Too funny!

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