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April 14, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

It’s Monday.  Y’all know how much I love Mondays. Yes, Mondays.  I’m back at work.  I can actually clean the house and it stays that way until four o’clock. I can chew without having to respond to a certain seven-year-old boy (who shall remain Bug Boy nameless) in between bites or nod in agreement when he declares that in a battle between Spider Man and Darth Vader, that Darth Vader would most certainly win.  I do not have to listen to Trout Fishing or Weird Al on the radio. I can run all of my errands for the week in peace (takes about two hours by myself on a Monday. When they are home? Several days.).

Houston, this week we have a problem.  It seems that it is CONFERENCE WEEK for Bug Boy, which translates to half days all week. As in, Monday through Friday. As in, extra children from noon until five?  Six?  For the rest of the week. But wait!  There’s MORE!  Because Bugaboo’s schedule isn’t whacky enough, he has two inservice days on Thursday and Friday.  In other words?  It’s a good thing I cleaned my sleep-deprived brain out on Friday because it ain’t gonna look so good by this weekend.

One of my favorite things about Monday is the fact that Forrest Gump my husband is not at home. Isn’t that terrible?  I mean, I love having him home sometimes during the week so we can have lunch together and, erm, snuggle. But Mondays are mine. Mondays are sacred. Don’t mess with my Mondays.  I like walking around Tarzhay at a top speed of .03 miles and hour (not my usual M.O.  I tend to speed walk everywhere.).  I like taking my time at TJ’s and hanging out and talking to folks. I like walking up and down State Street on nice days and browsing the shops. This is the only day each week I get truly to myself and I LOVE it.  When the family is home?  I miss it. I miss the silence and solitude and I miss spending time with myself.  Monday helps me start the week off on the right foot. It gives me the fuel to get through my insane schedule.

This week?  Let’s see…half days for Bug Boy, two days off for Bugaboo, conference with Bug Boy’s teachers on Tuesday, Psychology appointment on Wednesday for Bug Boy and phone meeting on Tuesday for Bugaboo.  Let’s hope it is nice this week so I can hit a different playground each day.  If not?  Moon bounce place.  One hour of bouncing + four or five energetic young souls =calm children for DG. Amen.

Oh, and thanks to my pal HG, I’m now up to fifteen-to-twenty minutes of jogging three days a week. Doesn’t seem like much, but for a girl who swore she’d NEVER EVER JOG IN A MILLION YEARS because she hates it with the passion and fire of a thousand suns?  Not too shabby.  My jogging buddy (Shad Roe the Dog) is enjoying it very much and this morning I treated myself to the sounds of Brandi Carlile (if you haven’t heard of her, do yourself a favor, mmkay?) KT Tunstall and Feist. Oh, and I think Yael Naim is on there, I just haven’t gotten to that part yet.  I’m about to switch to my XPN live feed to get my morning stuff done.  If you haven’t done that, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  It’s free!


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