April 12, 2008 by Marj Hatzell


Ten hours of sleep. TEN!

After our evening out (we’re real night owls, we were in at nine!) we came home to find the Best Babysitter in the World sitting quietly on the couch and our two energetic boys passed out cold. In their beds. Before eight o’clock.


So, we did what every normal couple would do.  We had hot s.e.x.  Just kidding. We went to bed and fell asleep before ten after quick shoulder rubs.  I woke up around four-ish to go to the bathroom and the husband was down on the couch (he’s been having trouble sleeping, too.).  The next thing I knew it was eight-thirty and Bug Boy was whining about being hungry.

I feel soooooo much better today.  It is warm and gorgeous and we’ve been outside. I even did a little yard work and walked the dog.  And, thanks to my cleaning frenzy yesterday, I’m ahead on everything except laundry. Today I’ll get our clothes clean (we’re digging out the last shirts and pants and socks) and keep things clean around here.  This just leaves the dreaded basement.  Five kids stuck inside + crappy weather last week = a tornado hit it.

I’m hoping this new sleeping thing lasts.

3 thoughts on “AHHHHH!!!!

  1. Cara says:

    Lucky you, you sound like you needed it. Like you said with your cleaning frenzy now your ahead of the game!

  2. Angela says:

    Sleep is lovely isn’t it.

    Have fun cleaning
    I am doing laundry right now

  3. So, where did you crazy kids go?

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