What We’ve Learned This Week, Kids


April 11, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

TGIF, HUH? I think I deserve a weekend, don’t you? And better yet, The Best Baby Sitter in the Whole World is coming this evening. Darling was asking about fancy-schmancy restaraunts and I was all, “Dude. I don’t care if we go to a pizza joint. I want out. OUT!” And he was all, “Ok, it’s cheaper anyways.” That’s my guy. Keeping our budget real. It’s great to have a husband who is so cheap concerned about our finances.

So, What have we learned?

  • It is impossible to get a good night’s sleep in a hospital. It is freaking loud in there.
  • You aren’t supposed to rebreathe CO2 when you sleep. Just sayin’.
  • First Graders complain that their legs are tired after a whopping twenty minutes at the aquarium.
  • Jogging gets easier every day you do it. Slow and steady wins the race. (Shout out to my homegirl, HG! Thanks for the push!)
  • I love tots. But I bet you knew that.
  • Bugaboo is one freaking cute kid, and it’s a good thing he is cute.
  • Bug Boy has a lisp at the present time, due to missing his two front teeth. It is so cute!
  • Forrest Gump My husband NEEDS to cut grass to make him happy. He is finally out of his winter funk (S.A.D. much?) and happily tending to his golf course lawn. And Bugaboo is right there with them. And then the tractor broke down. Oops.
  • If you go back to popular posts and change the word that everyone keeps Googling, it keeps your stats down. Which is a good thing if folks are googling EN-EM-UHs-Fore-Fuhn (just sayin’).
  • Even at midnight, when he’s supposed to be sleeping, my Bugaboo is one cuddly little fellow. Believe it or not, I cherish his cuddles because I do not get them during the day. I actually appreciate being up in the middle of the night with him. As long as he isn’t wailing like a siren.
  • People in this freaking town like to cut down their freaking trees. And since this town is over one hundred years old, so are the trees. Tree Killers!
  • People in the next town over won’t cut down trees if you pay them. In fact, they have a tree planting program every spring. They also have a PHAT recycling program, so I take my plastics to my friend who lives there. SHHHH! Don’t tell.
  • I’m the Best Mommy in the Whole World. Don’t argue, you know it is true. You are just jealous.
  • I’m the Worst Mommy Ever. Boo hoo. This makes me sad (N.O.T.).
  • Bug Boy likes to be challenged. This week it was all about setting the timer to see if he could beat Dad/Mom/Bugaboo/Shadow/The neighbors in order to get through his routines. I hope this keeps working. He took his meds in less than five minutes today (instead of the usuall forty-five) although he never finished his breakfast. One out of two ain’t so bad.
  • I won a MAJOR AWARD! From Bossy! And I met Bossy’s husband! And I met Stella! SHE’S AWESOME! Now I want a Great Dane. Again. My husband? Not on board. Sigh.
  • It’s awfully quiet in the morning when everyone leaves for the day. I love that time.

Time for a hot bath, a cup of tea and a bit of reading. Peace Out, yo.

3 thoughts on “What We’ve Learned This Week, Kids

  1. Jacki says:

    I used to have quiet mornings, but now my daughter is in the habit of waking up at the crack of dawn, so no more quiet mornings. Guess I gotta go to work for that. 🙂

    Hope your little boy starts feeling better!

  2. Trace says:

    Enjoy! BTW, BYOB brick oven pizzeria in Newtown Square. Nice atmosphere. You can get a pizza bring you wine and for under 20.00.

  3. Is “major award” how the lamp is referred to in Christmas Story? B/c that’s totally how I was reading that sentence. Tree Killers?! How could they? Maybe the little ones, but not the old ones. How great that you get the cuddles in the night. It would be hard not to stay up every night just to get that. Hope you enjoy your night out!

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