So, I’m Like Totally Supposed to Participate in This


March 28, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Like, I sorta committed to participating in this bloggy carnival thingy here, except I didn’t put any thought into it whatsoever and can’t come up with something to save my life.  I’ve pushed “delete” about thirty times.  I promise to try it next week. I’m just not good at this meme stuff.

This week I’ve been exhausted. I cannot wait until Monday, when Bugaboo goes back to school. Isn’t that awful?  I love my little guy and get to spend tons of time with him, except I am looking forward to when he ISN’T HERE. I think he’s ready to go back, too.  He’s all, “Mom. Do not touch me. Do not look at me.  If I repeatedly bring you shoes and a coat, will you put them on and take me to school?  No?  How about if I bring you my backpack? If I sit here and scream bloody murder?”

Bug Boy’s tooth is hanging out. It has been for two weeks. I mean, by a corner.  He can put his finger UNDER the tooth and wiggle it around. He just won’t let me yank it out.  The tooth next to it is coming in and I want this one out so I can see how cute he looks with no front teeth. Sheesh. He’s spoiling my plans.  He doesn’t know how much fun it is to have your two front teeth missing and clench your teeth together and then stick your tongue out through the hole. Remember that? No?  Am I the only one that did this?

Darling worked late last night. He then came home, ate dinner, kissed the kids goodnight and sat down to work on his laptop for a few more hours. I went to bed at ten. I know he was there at midnight because I kicked him.  And for some strange reason we hit the snooze button about twenty times…hmmmm…I’m seeing some sort of coorelation here.  Note to self: going to be later vs. hitting the snooze button multiple times. Must study relationship between these two variables.

Shad Roe the dog is doing well. Her kidney problems are in a holding pattern.  I mean, she still has it.  The kidney, that is.  She also still has a kidney tumor.  But since we’ve altered her diet (translation:  Put her on a diet) and she lost a few pounds, she seems to be spry again, just like the psychotic, hyper, autistic dog we know and love. In fact, I tried to take her for a DIFFERENT walk the other day, and she was all, “Um. This is wrong.  Wrong way.  I’ll pull you the right way. No. No.  NO.  WRONG.  THIS WAY. GO THIS WAY!  I’M NOT ON THE LEFT SIDE!  HOLD ME!”

At eight o’clock in the morning the air is warm and calming.  The birds are happily chirping. I’ve missed that sound. I’ve missed the almost-not-quite-without-a-jacket-weather. I haven’t missed the sinus pressure, post-nasal drip and itchy eyes.  Welcome to allergy season.

Have a day, y’all.

3 thoughts on “So, I’m Like Totally Supposed to Participate in This

  1. I love it–he’s not cooperating with your plans. Yes, doesn’t he know how many pictures you’ll need of him without his teeth?

  2. Jacki says:

    Ah yes…allergy season. For the first two hours each morning I sneeze like crazy until my allergy medication kicks in.

  3. Anjali says:

    Allergies are kicking our a$$ as well. Glad the doggie is doing better!

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