It’s Quiet Possible I’ve Already Lost My Mind


March 24, 2008 by Marj Hatzell


Last week went fine, although I was left feeling like the old woman in the shoe.  My mother came for lunch last week and actually asked me, “How do you do this?  I don’t know how you do this!!”  To which I replied, “Mom.  I asked myself that a few hours ago.  Except I was wondering how YOU DID THIS with seven children!”  And mom was all, “Oh yeah!”  Like she forgot that she gave birth to eight children, seven of whom survived and also had seven miscarriages. I’m not kidding, either.  My mom is a teensy bit spacy these days.

Bugaboo has one more week until he goes back.  March stinks.  Eleven student days.  I kinda hate this year-round school stuff, because they spread the 180 days out over twelve months.  This means that they have freaky-long-awful breaks.  If they followed a traditional school calendar and did 180 days over nine months and then had ESY (extended school year) the kids would actually end up with six weeks of extra services.  Gosh forbid the Early Intervention office give us anything over and above what they are legally required to do…

This weekend was a blur. Bugaboo had therapy Saturday and then his Support Person (one of two) worked with him until the afternoon. It was one of the best days he has EVER had.  He was happy and smiling, played somewhat appropriately and and signed his little rear end off.  Not really. His rear is still there. But he worked it!  And now he knows the sign for MUSIC, and tries to vocalize when he says it, just like me. I love that!  Bug Boy stayed over my sister’s house and dyed eggs there, so I was lucky enough to skip the ridiculousness of Easter Eggs.  We had a quiet evening hanging out together in the Family Room, the kids went to bed early and Mommy was not far behind.

Sunday we did the super-traditional thing for Easter.  You know, buy tickets months in advance to take your daughter niece to see this, not realizing that the reason center-of-the-theater seats were still available for a limited engagment was because it was a holiday? And then order Chinese for Dinner because you were gone all afternoon and knew it was basically the only thing open? What, you mean you didn’t see a matinée show and then order Chinese?  All the cool kids are doing it. You should try it some time.  When we returned, sister #1 took her kids to her in-laws, and because sister #2/Dinoboy’s mom was flying solo, she stayed for dinner and we celebrated with Egg Foo Young, Fried Rice, Spring Rolls and Hunan Beef.  There was egg in it, so that makes it appropriate for Easter, see?

More therapy for Bugaboo today, and one more session tomorrow. Then we have a break for a few weeks before he does another loop of the therapy.   We’ve had so many noticeable changes this time, which takes away some of the sting when we realize we’ve spent our entire tax return on the therapy (Even though we’d spend any amount of money if it meant his quality of life was improved and things were easier for him).   Bugaboo’s receptive language has improved by leaps and bounds.  He is sooooo much calmer.  Like, nearly-normal energy level. Notice I said nearly.  As in, almost-not-quite.  He still has more energy than the energizer bunny and runs around like a Chinchilla drinking triple shots of espresso.  But still, it is nice to sit and listen to music (Mozart, Gregorian Chant.  Look kids!  Big Ben, Parliament.  Again.) and cuddle with him, as he put his enormous noggin little head on my shoulder and I rest my cheek on him.  These are the days I’ve dreamt about.

Of course, I’ve also dreamt about planes crashing and taking out the house two doors down,  white carpets with muddy dog tracks and a steamer that won’t work and myself as Elizabeth Bennet in the A&E Pride and Prejudice where I get to hang out with Colin Firth (gosh, I really didn’t want to wake up from that one) so who am I to dream?  I mean, this is the person who thinks about thin mints all day long and is planning her next meal before finishing the current one.   Not the best example of someone with deep, interesting thought processes.  More like the before example for an ADHD drug ad.

4 thoughts on “It’s Quiet Possible I’ve Already Lost My Mind

  1. Trace says:

    We went got take out Indian for Easter dinner. Oh, yeah, I ate the head of a chocolate bunny. Does that count as traditional, or just sadistic?

  2. Trace says:

    Oh, love that “we went got take out”. I be a college graduate.

  3. Congrats on winning Bossy’s Road Trip Contest! You rock.

    Chinese on Easter? You are so a member of AG’s tribe!!

  4. Lauren says:

    Yeah, congrats. AG beat me to it.

    So when is YOUR road trip? Heh, heh.

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