Name That Google Search


March 14, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Every once in a while, I check out the Googles that brought folks to Chez DG.  Apparently, there are upwards of a few hundred people either lurking or searching each day.  And they are looking for things like:

  • juicing (fruit or roids?)
  • It can’t be wrong when it feels so right (but it IS wrong!  STOP DOING IT!)
  • Domestic Goddess (That’s me!)
  • memories like the corner of my mind (and yet, I forget)
  • human toilet goddess (I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended with this one)
  • Act your age, not your shoe size (unless they are the same)
  • How to keep my big mouth shut (when I figure this out, I’ll let y’all know)
  • Water in the backyard(YOU DON’T SAY!)
  • What size shoe does a 60 pound border collie wear? (Excuse me?  And this is important because?)
  • Posh Spice Haircut (mayjah!)
  • Jenny McCarthy Haircut (Oh yeah, baby!)
  • Nursing bra girls (sorry, not gonna happen anytime soon)
  • E.n.e.m.a.s. for fun (OH MY STINKING HECK NO!)
  • Can you eat fish on lenten fridays (If you want to, but why would you?)
  • I have nothing better to do (now, see, I do. I have plenty to do. I just don’t do it)
  • 5 year old autistics (you’ve come to the right place)
  • And my favorite:   Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebie.  (Just kidding, no one has searched for that. But ten points if you can correctly identify the film without google.  GO!)
  • What parents want to know about autism (let me know what you find out)
  • Animal kingdom for Cats (sorry, no cats here. Hate ’em.)

There are a few more disgusting, inappropriate things I could post, but won’t.  Because I care about you. No, it’s actually because I don’t want those sicko freaks coming back here. This is a family blog!  Mostly.  I mean, I write about my family. I try to keep it clean.  Stop laughing.  I haven’t talked about poo all week.

Today is the last day, no, the last FOUR HOURS of freedom I have for seventeen days. Bugaboo is off until the 3oth, or something like it. Bug Boy is off all next week.  Please, pray for my sanity. Pray for their safety. Pray that I don’t eat a box of girl scout cookies daily to cope.  Maybe I’ll just a cookie or two. Or three. Oh heck, the serving size is four. I’ll just have four.  Mmmmm…thin mints.

10 thoughts on “Name That Google Search

  1. whiskeychick says:

    The Breakfast Club!!! Can I have the cookies instead of the points?

  2. I like doughnuts, brownies, whole milk and the stock market futures for breakfast.

    Look–eat all the cookies you need. It is one of lifes pleasures. —

  3. justanadorablegirl says:

    Dude, I blog with two gay men about gender and politics from time to time. You have no idea what kind of sick Dick Cheney’s are out there looking for my blog.

    No idea.

  4. Jimbo says:

    DG – Did I just sell you a guinea pig cage last month ? You look like the same person. Luv your BLOGs. Very funny, entertaining and real …

  5. Cryssyer says:

    Excuse me sir, can you describe the rukus?

    Hey, how’s that for a memory! LOL

    Srsly, get thee some sugar free jello – satisfies the sweet tooth cravings and is soooo much better than cookies 🙂

  6. nutmeg says:

    I quoted The Lord of the Rings more than two years ago and people are still landing on my blog from googling it. Creepy!

  7. Angela says:

    It is funny what people are looking for out there.

  8. Wen says:

    I’m here from HG’s. What brings people to my site amazes me. I’ve learned never to mention Paris or the Hilton in the same post. Not that I do that too often.

    Here’s to your sanity. Maybe you should just eat the cookies NOW. 😀

  9. Angela says:

    Mmmmmm…. GS cookies. Mine should be arriving any time now. You get some pretty insane searches…maybe I should go check mine. (I’m a little ascared after reading yours though.) Thanks for the birthday wishes by the way.

  10. Here’s a website on autism you might be interested in. A friend of mine in the medical field told me about it.

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