Did You Know?


March 7, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

For those of you not good at math, here’s an explanation for 1337.

You can’t say you will snuggle with your spouse and then try to get out of it.  Not. Gonna. Happen.

The husband is gonna give you that “look” when you get out of the shower, when you are getting dressed and when you are putting on your frumpiest pajamas, no matter how bad you smell and no matter how frumpy you feel.  He’s gonna like what he sees regardless.  I think he’d feel the same way if I was covered in oozing poison ivy and had a bag over my head (just a guess).

It takes Bug Boy over forty-five minutes to take his medication in the morning. We’re talking a seizure med, an antacid (for reflux), a daily vitamin and his Omega 369 supplement.  Four tablets.  Four. In forty-five minutes.  It takes forty-five minutes for him to consume a bowl of cereal or two pieces of toast and some yogurt. We woke up at seven today (thanks for setting the alarm, dear.  Thank goodness the high school bus comes at 6:56) and Bug Boy’s bus arrive at 8.  For those of you not good at math, I’m clearly losing my cool today…

A new school opened that may work for Bugaboo in another year. I hope, I hope, I hope, I pray...

Fios.  Didn’t happen.  Thanks to the electric company, who was supposed to fix the partially-downed wire a month ago, we had to reschedule for today.  Funny thing is, when I call them for service?  It takes them over a day to get here.  When the phone company calls them?  They are here within the hour. Next time I’m gonna call and pretend to be from Ma Bell.

I wear a nine-wide shoe.  I have big feet. I’m not kidding.  I wore a size eight in fourth grade.  I’m not kidding. And I was(at the time) the second-shortest person in the whole grade.  The third graders were taller than I was.  


Our system for chosing party candidates sucks.  The heck with Iowa and New Hampshire.  I’ve always very strongly believed (even after taking multiple poli-sci classes) that our system is not fair. In PA we get the leftovers.  We really do not get much say. By the time they arrive here, there is usually only one candidate left.   And our system favors rich white folk.  It sucks.  I think ALL primaries should be held on the SAME DAY across the WHOLE COUNTRY. Boy, would that shake things up!  I think we’d get a REAL representative sample of what our country wants!

I rarely watch television.  Usually, the only thing I watch all week is EMHE, I’m a sucker for hard-luck cases and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to watch home shows where they decorate and stuff. Plus, I heart Ty.  The only reason I watch it is usually I lock myself in the bedroom on Sunday nights to finish laundry and ironing, and then I crawl into bed and camp out for a few hours until Darling enters the room, pulls the clicker from my limp and and throws a blanket over me in an attempt to stifle the snores.

It’s Friday.  I’m craving meat, of course. I want a cheesesteak.  Yes, at eight o’clock in the morning. It’s lent.

One thought on “Did You Know?

  1. texylady says:

    Girl, you are just kidding yourself that you do not watch TV!!!

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