At Least My Life is Interesting


February 25, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

No matter how crazy this life gets, it’s still MY life.  No one else has the privilege of filling these shoes, having these two awesome kids and this fabulous husband (HANDS OFF MY MAN!).  And to show you how interesting my life can be, I’ll compare apples to oranges for you.  I’ll show you what I INTENDED to do this weekend and what we ACTUALLY did:

What was planned:

  • vacuuming house from top to bottom
  • Folding Mount Washmore
  • Bug Boy to Soccer
  • Groceries
  • fixing Bugaboo’s bed (Daddy pulled the bed out and pulled the head and foot boards off.  Ooops.)
  • hanging out, being boring, enjoying family time
  • Building a fire, cooking a home-cooked meal and staying in my pajamas
  • Church on Sunday
  • Family outing after church
  • Dinner with Brother and his wife

What we actually accomplished:

  • Hung out at the car dealership for most of the day Saturday (WITH BUGABOO! ACK!)resulting in the purchase of this vehicle
  • Spent the day in bed/on the couch, attempting to recover from the flu

Yup. That’s it.  My head still throbs with pain, every joint in my body aches and I have zero energy. Yes, me.  The energizer bunny.  Batteries are dead-dead-deadski, my friends.   But that’s okay, because TODAY THEY GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!  Snow day on friday + Bugaboo’s week off= very happy mommy on Monday morning.  I don’t care how crappy I feel right now, I am overjoyed at the prospect of having some quiet time, taking care of myself and staying in bed all day in my jammies.  I am celebrating Bugaboo’s return to school by going to a Home and School meeting about nominating committees (no, really, I am).  Because I’m a member of the Too-Stupid-To-Say-No club.  A card-carrying member.  With benefits.

But we have a new car, so that makes it all okay.

We did end up going out Friday night. I called my brother and his wife and guilted them into coming over to stay with the boys.  Bug Boy might have been tolerable at the car dealership (although his yakking continuously would have made for a nerve-rattling evening.  Think Rain man.  No, really.) because we could have bought him crap from the vending machines, let him climb in and out of the cars and he would have charmed every salesman there with his latest soapbox, the Titanic (we had to watch a three hour documentary yesterday, then looked it up on the internet for two more hours).  Bugaboo at a car dealership? Not so much.  So Brother and Sister-in-law came to watch them.  And when we returned with a PHAT car to “borrow” over night from the dealership (I tells ya, they know what they are doing), I came home to dishes done, toy room picked up, beds made, kids bathed and MEDICATED  and FED!  I really love it when they watch the kids for that reason only. They drive me nuts because they let the kids get away with murder (although they mean well) but they EVEN SWITCHED THE LAUNDRY OVER.  And my dishes!  My dishes were done!  Have I mentioned that?

Anyways, so we left Bug Boy with the neighbors so he would do his best Rain Man impersonation at the car dealership (Yeah, the Titanic Sank.  There were 2200 people on board.  Even the kids in Steerage died. Yeah, the lifeboats weren’t full. They didn’t fill the lifeboats.  The lifeboats were put in the water and they weren’t full. The rest of the people died.  over 1200 people died. Yeah. It happened on April 15th, 1912.) and we brought Bugaboo with us, since we had no babysitting option for him. He wasn’t that bad.  He just ran around getting in and out of cars (which they are suprisingly tolerant of there) and insisted on sitting ON THE HORNS, which scared the Bee-jeebus out of everyone in the place about once every fifteen minutes, until I got the hint (the hairy eyeball from Darling) and found popcorn and a REAL CAROUSEL HORSE for Bugaboo to ride on. Since he loves horses, this totally rocked. Totally. I mean, the horse rocked.   And they had a popcorn machines, like at the carnival?  Yeah, awesome. Oh, and swiveling computer chairs! HE LOVES THOSE!  Around, and around, and around again.  And…OH!  LOOK!  More popcorn on the ground!  BONUS!

Yeah, it was like that.

So, anyways, we ended up driving home with a new car, crashing on the couches, ordering takeout and going to bed early.   Then I woke up at two in the morning with the worst headache I think I’ve ever had. And it got worse. And then it got worse.  I tried going downstairs. I tried taking a super-hot shower.  Then the stomach problems started. Then my joints began to ache.  Yippee. The flu.  Because, you know, the past week wasn’t exciting enough.  And what better way to top off a crappy week?  The flu!  Except, technically, it was Sunday and the beginning of the week. So we were starting a new week, sort of.  Unless, of course, we lived in Europe, in which  case Monday is the start of the week.  Which is today.  So that’s it, I’m European and Yesterday was the last day of the week.

Potato, Po-tah-toe.

Anyways, today is a new day, a new start and a new week.  We will NOT have any accidents. The kids will NOT get sick, I will NOT spend the whole week in bed and Wednesday I WILL get my long-overdue haircut.  I may chicken out and get the same cut, with a few more layers. Or, I might get totally funky on my bad self and get a sassy, funky ‘do, complete with color change. Only time will tell.

What should DG “do”?

  1.  Play it safe, since she is horribly impulsive, and only does weird crap to her hair when she’s under tons of stress and then when she wakes up from her stress-induced stupor she’ll hate the haircut anyways
  2. Go for the funky, sassy haircut, since it would better reflect DG’s personality (which is funky and sassy and sorta hyper. Sorta.  See that?  I said sorta hyper.  And the people who know me in real life are saying, “HAHAHAHAHHA!  SORTA!  THAT WAS FUNNY!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”)

Leave your opinion in the comments section.  Not that I’ll listen to y’all.  ‘Cause I sorta march to the beat of a different drummer, if you know what I’m sayin’.

6 thoughts on “At Least My Life is Interesting

  1. Andie says:

    #2 definitely!!! Congrats on the new car and hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Anjali says:

    I’m sorry you’re sick!

    But as someone who is in love with her Camry, let me just offer you my hearty congratulations. You will love it. Haven’t seen an ’09 yet, but I bet they’re smokin’!

    Hey, doesn’t this mean we basically drive the two same cars?

  3. Sarah is Ok says:

    This post was like being there–I’m exhausted! Very funny. I think you should go with the new sassy haircut. I haven’t even had a haircut in two years, but I feel totally justified in telling someone else they should do something bold.

  4. Trace says:

    You’re young and pretty, but you are really really busy and don’t have much time to devote to hair and such. So, go w/something easy (combined w/sassy). Your hair is a nice color. Are you sure you want to get into dying it? It means you have to keep it up or roots show. Make sure you post a pic of your beautiful new do!

  5. pkzcass says:

    I say go with #2 also. I’m going on Saturday, and it’s all I can do not to tell my hairdresser to be creative and make me over. I’m thinking of going back to layers after finally growing them all out. Decisions, decisions. I can’t wait to hear/see what you decide.

  6. Bernice says:

    Marj, go for something different and fun.

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