It’s a Good Thing We Have a Steamer


February 20, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

Best invention ever?  A carpet steamer.  I hate(wait, hate is a strong word. How about DESPISE?)  our twenty-plus-year-old carpets, but they’re all we’ve got right now. Eventually, we will rip up the old rugs and replace with Pergo in the boys’ rooms and wood floors elsewhere, but for now we’ve got country blue, stained, ugly, matted, eighties carpets.  Ugh. Hate them.

The steamer comes in handy. Between juice and food spills, it is a life saver. But we’ve discovered a new purpose.  Not to gross you out (tune out if you’re squeamish), but it is great at cleaning up poo. From the couch.  Couches.  All six cushions.  As in, last night, when I was tutoring, Darling took them out for dinner and came home with KFC (not my choice, trust me!).  He no sooner put the food on the table, let the dog out and turned to take his coat off when Bugaboo entered the kitchen, nekkid from the waist down. Covered in poo.  Apparently, they came in the door, he stripped and wiped his rear end all over the couches.  I walked in to find Darling cleaning it up twenty minutes later. I scrubbed it for two hours last night, scrubbed it again this morning and just finished steaming it. I might steam it one more time.

My next furniture?  It will either be plastic or leather. Something has to be easier to clean that upholstery, even if it is stain-guarded.  And my floors will be wood or tile or linoleum. I am soooooo sick of cleaning this stuff up.  Sick. Of. It.

Did I mention I am sick of it?

Anyways, thanks to our trusty carpet steamer (which we bought with gift certs from my dear sis, Dino Boy’s mom), I have a teensy piece of sanity left.  You may need a microscope to find it, but it is there.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Good Thing We Have a Steamer

  1. Dirkey says:

    and I thought I had a good poo story from my daycare working days; when the boy pooped his pants then reached in and pulled it out threw it on the floor then stepped in it with both feet and walked down the hallway tracking poo all throughout the daycare.
    Yeah I wanted to fire the girl who was “watching him” as I the manager cleaned the whole thing up..
    Sorry DG!

  2. Jacki says:

    Ewww….sorry…that is just a disgusting story. I think I would have puked.

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